UEFA Conference League


Should bring the cup winners cup back IMO

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Nah they shouldn’t bring the CWC back. Most of the major leagues the cup is just won by someone who also won the league or at least qualifies for the champions league so they wouldn’t be in it.

Think this is a positive move as long as they put enough money into it. No point asking teams like Shamrock Rovers to participate in a competition like this if it’s ultimately going to cost them money.

The Super League we always heard about is coming. I don’t believe this will be a competition without those teams. It wouldn’t make (a lot of) money for UEFA otherwise.

Yay the intertoto cup is coming back!!!

I’d be surprised if this new tournament was introduced without a fundamental change in the nature of the Champions League

From the reports it sounds like it will just be an extension of the CL and EL and will include more teams from the smaller countries. The Times are reporting that the Champions League will remain unchanged but the Europa League will be reduced to 32 teams, and the new competition will also have 32 teams.

I’m sure the dozens of people who have always dreamed of seeing Bala Town v FC Kamza on the big stage will be ecstatic.

The Europa is already full of dogshit. Is this new comp necessary lol.


They’ve somehow made it sound worse than I previously envisioned :joy:

From the quote provides by Agnelli in the BBC article it sounded as if the champions league would be changed slightly

I think it is. Even the Europa League has become the plaything of the Premier League and the Primera Division. Plus if the ‘dogshit’ is takien away from the Europa League, like you so respectfully put it, you could argue the Europa League gets more prestige.

Finally a cup we could win! :mustafi:

Fuck having a third competition, unless it was for lower league teams or something like that.

I’d have teams from both the current tournaments and just make it one European Cup.

Yeah let’s make it participation for everyone, let every club play in European competition, some novelty that is.

Why should the ‘nice things’ only be for the rich and powerful?


Playing Europe should be a novelty, something that is tough to do and very rewarding when it’s achieved but I suppose giving everyone a go fits with modern day society of how junior sport is played these days.

If the article of Bild is correct regarding this it will be 32 teams in the Champions League, 32 in the Europa League and 32 in the new competition. That will only be 16 teams added. We have been screaming for reforms of European football, the Europa League in specific. This is an attempt at that.

Absolute horse shit. You’re still talking about less than 100 clubs in the whole of fucking Europe.

Really pointless. It used to mean a big deal for some smaller countries having their teams in either UCL or EL. Might as well create a participation trophy at this stage.

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UEFA oversees the football of 55 countries ranging in population from a few hundred thousand to 145m people. Teams from Luxembourg or Iceland could simply never hope to generate the income to make them serious contenders to get into European competition as it currently stands.

The league infrastructure in countries like Ireland and Wales is basically shit (teams like Cardiff outgrew it a few years into existence) plus pretty much the entire countries follow an English side anyway so it’s impossible to compete and draw decent crowds.

Having a competition for clubs of that stature in no way takes away from other European competition and as pointed out by taking some of them out of the Europa mix it arguably enhances it to some degree.

So other than lack of interest (which is fine) what’s the problem?

This is UEFA actually fucking doing it’s job imo.

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By the way on what nights would this 3rd competition play it’s matches ? Tuesday & Wednesday are CL & Thursday Europa.

Probably Thursday.