UEFA Conference League

I was wondering why Mou had five fingers up in the air

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Man is already thinking about the antics he’ll do when he comes back to the PL in a year or two.

He should stay away from the PL imo.

Stay in Rome and build a legacy

Pellegrini a baller though, no?
Reached a new level under Mou. More to come I think too.

They just mentioned that the only team José didn’t win a trophy with is Spurs. Can never hear that enough :smile:


I think he’ll see this project out and come back.
Favourite to take over Newcast once the foundation is laid imo.

Well done to Roma I suppose, winning a trophy like this will be about as good as it’ll get for them.

We might run into them in the EL next season.

Jesus, even talking about other clubs wining their first European trophy you are a glass empty lol

I’m interested in the big prizes mate… CL / EPL :muscle:t5:

What a stat

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Ambition. Apparently.

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You know better than this, come on. :grin:


Only Spurs would fuck up the group stages in this farmer’s European competition and then end up ducking the last match.

I guess Audi Cup in preseason should suffice.

near actual goat level is Mou. not some par for the course surfer. Just stay way from us, and do more troll pressers :trappatoni:

@shamrockgooner :grimacing::grimacing:

That’s an incredible result for Sligo. Fair play to them.

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Horrendous stuff from Motherwell.

Imagine qualifying for Europe fans thinking they get a wee trip to Europe and they go out to an Irish team in the first round lol

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Great week for LOI clubs even if Rovers did drop from the CL.


Is it getting noticibly better? Or is this effectively just a fluke that all these things are happening together? Or is it just that a third tier competition allows for more opportunities for teams like this?

This one. One of the better things UEFA have done tbh.

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