UEFA Conference League

Rovers one down at half time and I can harkdy remember being more angry at a refereeing performance. Total and utter cunt call ever single time

Yikes Moyes Football is gnarly. 0 Attempts so far.

Edit: So many misplaced passes jeezus.

Then West Ham score from a corner which the Gent goalkeeper actually had it in both hands…then dropped it on the knee of the West Ham player next to him.

This is quite the game.

Edit: Ruled off, handball.

Edit: Bawahaha then West Ham score from a quick throw in as the Gent players forgot you can’t be offside from one.

Did West Ham rotate for this match?

Danny Ings has just scored a 1 yard tap in and the commentator has described it as a ‘great finish’.

Most of the main players are playing.


Conceding 18 shots to Gent and only managing 1 on target with effectively a full strength squad should get him the sack

Three more days. That’s all we ask.

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Losing or drawing to this lot would be unforgivable. Moyes hasn’t got a clue how to get a tune out of this group.

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Wait the VAR replay shows him getting the ball are they overturning this?

Edit: Yep

“Excellent Football Match”

For one team mate. West Ham were ghastly.

Just seen this daft cunt rested half his team for this and only scraped a draw.

Hope it backfires on Sunday and we pump them as well.

Yeah looks like they rested about half the starters. Hopefully we fucking spank them for that just like we should have spanked Pool for doing the same.

West Ham playing some awful stuff against Alkmaar.

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Matt Ryan with the clothesline

Arsenal legend

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That was insane goalkeeping, he literally punched him in the face :joy:

2-1 West Ham and quite frankly I have no idea how they do it. Shit passes, shit crosses. Shit corners and all.