Tuchel or Wenger next season

Who’d you go with?

  • Tuchel
  • Wenger

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“or Wenger”

Not a fan of Tuchel but if it’s him or Wenger then Tuchel every day.


Pretty much this…

Wenger, what a fucking waste bringing this guy in (if he comes i hope to be proven wrong) we will have the same bloody problems we have now and i pretty much guarantee we will not win anything with him of significance. The whole point of changing manager is to bring us further forward, I dont want this shit like what the spuds and chavs did going through a manager a season until we stumble on a decent one. Let’s just do it once and do it properly!

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If we have to move forward Tuchel is not the right answer. I rated him until last year, but then he has shown not to be still mature to manage a top club.

Tbf, he’s had to sell his best players - Replaced by lesser ones or youth, had an injury list as long as your arm (11 first teamers out at one point!), his attack at great chunks of this season has been Auba flanked by 18 year olds (talented though they are) and the day before playing a crucial European tie against a great team he had his team bus blown up.

Been a transition season for him. If he doesn’t end up here, I think he’ll do a good job wherever he ends up.


Tuchel even though I don’t really rate him.

Hate to say it but Wenger has become that awful girlfriend that your friend has been with forever and everybody knows is bad for him. The important thing is that they break up. It doesn’t really matter if the first girl he dates afterward is some skank who nobody likes either.


Tuchel. Nothing changes until Wenger leaves. The sooner we start to change the better, even if I do wonder how good Tuchel is.


Spot on!

Also have to think would some of these top players stay or want to sign for Tuchel…i am unsure of this. Wenger has more pulling power and respect in the game Tuchel is more of a gamble i would suspect for good players as he has not proved himself as a top manager yet. Wenger is on the decline and i do reckon he should leave but i dont think it is great to shift from one problem to another one.

Tuchel isn’t ready to manage a top team like Arsenal and I’d stick with Wenger until we get the right manager.

The next managerial appointment is incredibly pivotal for the future for the club and I don’t trust Tuchel to better it in the way that is required.

Says a lot that I’d rather have Wenger but that just highlights the lack of credentials and track record Tuchel is brining to the table.


How about neither? May as well make a poll with one choice that is “Concede stupid goals from holding too high of a back line”.

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No Bruce, you must choose!!!

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Neither of them will help us compete for the Premier League Title.


We should give old Yossi B a shot at managing us, he’s already loved here

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Always with the Benayoun, enough already.

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I haven’t mentioned him for ages

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Cos you haven’t been around :wink: