Transwomen Participating in Female Sports

Don’t see what that has to do with the discussion I’m having. You carry on in your own little world though.

There’s no issue of high level female sports being dominated by trans athletes. It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen.

I just take issue with trans female being able to compete with females. Should never be allowed to happen.


Bro it was I high level swim event he beat a Olympic silver medalist it’s in your video. I

You usually watch the NCAA swim championships do you? :slight_smile:

Putting the boring talk about ‘woke’ aside. What are the NCAA rules on this? Which is where the failing is.

It’s an isolated incident and it’s causing a massive issue which is why I said there’s no issue of female sports being dominated by trans athletes. It isn’t happening. It won’t happen.

This was my only point here by the way. As usual Ryan only sees what he wants to see.

Strange not to long ago there was a Canadian trans Olympic medalist dominating, so not quite isolated

You’re making stuff up now. The Canadian football player was non binary, but a female at birth.

Forgot to say cyclist look it up, not football

Masters world track championship is not high level female sports mate. Again - it’s an isolated issue. But definitely an issue.

No trans cyclist has ever won an Olympic medal.

Facts. Gentlemen. Please.

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I looked it up - it’s some near 40 year old trans athlete who won a masters track championship lol

He eventually dropped out, again you people are ignoring the encroachment. The fact the Olympic committee sanctioned a trans female power lifter tells you all you need to know.

Tells me nothing other than she met the requirements. How’d she do by the way? :thinking:

Anyway I don’t care if female sports start having men included, probably make female sport watchable :joy:

He met the requirements to be a woman

It more complicated than that as I’m sure you know given you are an expert.

My expertise don’t recognise transgender, in fact it labelled gender dysphoria, which entails multiple layers of other complex mental health issues.

Yet it’s hard to do anything about it because people have made it a hot topic.

That’s not what’s being discussed though, we’re talking about the rules to compete in Olympic competition.