Tottenham Vs Arsenal (postponed)

If that was part of the reasoning for postponement that’s a fucking joke. Don’t sell your player then!!!

We must get this game postponed, we can’t be the only fucking team out there acting honestly and then having it cost us points. That’s bullshit.


I picked draw… I’m worried about our stability and squad atm… feel like we are on the precipice… and some players are going to get overused and then it could spiral… Spurs are awful, but they sometimes can produce some attacking magic and I fear this will end 1-1 in a very tight, hustle-bustle game where both teams will want to sit back and play on the counter… could end up boring and turgid or with this fixture it could be bonkers… Guessing the former, but who the f*ck knows?

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Ben White to start in midfield for this one?

If we play then I would prefer to keep the White-Gabriel pairing together given how good they were yesterday.

I would probably give Patino another shot but play much more of a conventional 4-2-3-1 that keeps his role fairly simple and well defined as part of a stable double pivot rather than the 4-3-3ish thing we played against Forrest in which he seemed kind of lost.

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You will find no arguments here.

Only kidding, hope you are well. :slight_smile:

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  • Postpone
  • Play

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Classenal no more.

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Can they decide in the next 20 minutes so I can organise my fantasy team? Ta.


Yes actually. Response is imminent.

You just know this is getting rejected :grin:


Bet its turned down, even though it seems like every other request is granted for other teams :ramsdale:

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This is absolutely getting turned down.

What’s that gonna change? :man_facepalming:

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Announce postponement

No way they turn it down after all the other postponements everywhere.

Chelsea got theirs rejected. You never know.

Does Xhaka count? Players have to be available to fulfill their ban, would be hilarious if the PL rules that 12+Xhaka is enough to play the game.

Its a crapshoot. I think the reason Chelsea had theirs rejected was that they still had enough players despite having 4-5 Covid cases.

The rule as written really stresses the number of available first team players, not the number of Covid cases. They say you are expected to fill in with sufficiently experienced U21 players who aren’t on the PL first team roster if necessary but they don’t define what that means. None of our players in that category have played in the PL before. I don’t see how you decide that Omari Hutchinson or Mika Biereth is sufficiently experienced for example. If that’s the case, every player at U23 level is sufficiently experienced. Even Patino seems like a pretty weak case. He has played in two cup matches with the first team, never against a PL opponent. Does that make him sufficiently experienced for the NLD?