Tottenham Vs Arsenal (postponed)

Good morning my fellow pluckers , tortured puritans of the corrupt round ball game .

A real 6 pointer and bless my cotton socks what drama’s down at your favourite watering hole since we last met . Clueless Nuno has been given the boot
and main man Conte our own Barnet transplant Messiah is ready to unleash on our North London cousins the worst wingbacks known to mankind , a midfield that is so bang average , dickhead brainfart defence , if you play your A game we won’t live with you .
Conte is working with mediocre squad and is doing marvellous . Lizard Levy will give him crap signings while dreaming of huge property expansion. The fan base is revolting and fighting back with crowds down by 20% as apathy has set in with years of broken dreams . We are a mess and 5 years of shit prospect signings , short contract , low wage , cheapo 3rd choice has crippled the club. Always every excuse not to spend , we are going backwards and there is no plan to reverse it . Our overlords see growth in other directions , NFL, concerts , boxing and the golden egg of endless infrastructure projects .
Look you should win but Conte has raised these average plodders , organised them so will make it hard on the day . If manure get there act together they should walk top 4 . On the other hand none of us can compete with chavs , city and in a few years Saudi backed Newcastle , you could say what is the point.

Keep your peckers up treacles
and lots of love .


We need our fanbase to unite and somehow call this match off. :rofl:

Chambers Holding Gabriel Tierney
White Lokonga
Saka Laca Martinelli


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I promise we are still not going to give you a contract, Jack.


Would be a game changer if Tomiyasu and ESR are fit.


If ESR and Tomiyasu aren’t fit I don’t want ti know about this going ahead.


What happens if we sell Kola and Mari? Tavares and Leno the only senior players on the bench? :rofl:

From Ben Dinnery’s site

How the fuck did Kola get injured? :rofl:

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That one minute he played against Forrest was intense.


So one Covid case with Arsenal?

As Liverpool showed, these false positives are common in the PL unfortunately. And it’s easy for several players to mistakenly test positive in time for a postponement of a big fixture.


As per usual, lot of media spotlight on that rabona goal by Lamela. Love how it ultimately gets shat on because the silly cunt got sent off and Spurs lost 2-1 in the end.

Even when they have good moments, they’re still so fucking spursy :arteta:


According to the wireless there’s rumours going about that the Arsenal are trying to push for the game to be postponed again due to squad injuries and Covid .
Who knows tho

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Based on that injury list this is the team we need to play. I’m laughing at arsenal fans on Twitter try to claim its in Spurs interest to delay because they’re missing Son :joy: Our team is absolutely shocking.

White Holding Gabriel Tierney
Martineli Lokonga Patino Tavares
lacazette Nketiah


It’s the sort of team we’d pick against a Swedish village side in a Europa League qualifying game. :grinning:

FFS. We definitely need to get this game postponed now.

Telegraph story on Burnley-Leicester says they postponed the match bc Burnley had only 12 outfield players available due to the combination of Covid, injuries, and the sale of Chris Wood.

I honestly don’t see how they can deny our appeal if we have only 12 outfield players available due to the combination of Covid, injuries, and Granit Xhaka being a moron.