Tottenham Vs Arsenal (postponed)

Oh and off topic, Bohemians restocked the Refugees Welcome kits. Definitely ordering one. I hope this doesn’t change how you think of me.

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You can’t help yourself. I understand.

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Absolutely loving the Spurs hate. Fuck those cuntbuckets.


Gary Neville go back to being a faux political commentator, something else nobody takes any notice of what you say either

You just know Son will score the winner in the rearranged fixture and these journo cunts will be all over it

I’ve never understood Gary Neville’s preaching as if he is a legend of the game. I only remember a highly flawed player who was error prone and carried a lot by others in the United team. He has no right to be on a stage even with the likes of Graeme Souness.

The whole Sky Sports setup is rigged for United, with a little token presence for Liverpool even though the ex players of Liverpool are subtly reminded all the time who is the boss by Neville, Keane, etc. This is also why I wasn’t too much against ESL. Sky is biased against Arsenal and tries to influence officials and authorities against Arsenal. ESL had potential to disrupt all of this.


Another game for Spurs to find time for.

I wish they were still in that shitty conference :ozil:


Media outlets know Arsenal headlines sell so they do their best to rile our fanbase up.

This. Sky posted a video earlier entitled “how many Arsenal players would get in the Spurs team?”

They know how to get a rise out of their audience :smiley:


Full statement in the link…clipped this because ffs

Wtf this shit developed too quick for me. Had to skip the last 200 posts or so. So how many Covid cases do we have actually?

I’m sorry, is this the same club who allowed Rennes to fly to London before the postponement of their game?


They should be sorry for their fans because simply they are Spurs fans, nothing more.


Wow pretty strong from them. I for a moment had to check if it was actually their official site, because the words actually sound like it came from an annoying fan :rofl:

They are seething. Pretty funny.

Still think we should have played but the real proof of whether this was a good thing will be in the results.

This is brilliant.

We need to actually win the fixture big time.

I don’t like humble pie…

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