Top 4 Race 2017/18


Anything can happen. Liverpool have some tough games, plus CL. Spurs can be Spursy. Chelsea are in a weird phase at the moment where no one really knows what kind of team they are.

Yeah, we’re outsiders but it’s not over until the fat lady sings :sunglasses:


“Might” :roll_eyes:



I don’t think any of United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs are going to run away from us if we hit some sort of form.
Let see


Hard to hit form when you simply can’t win away, as I said a month ago on this topic every 2nd game is an away game.


Just because our away form has been stale so far, that doesn’t mean it can’t change


It’s unlikely to change as this is a sample size since December 2016, not some minor amount of time. 7 wins in our last 25 away league matches including 13 defeats :eyes:


I am relying on lesser uncertainty in squad(Wenger contract situation, Ozil & Sanchez’s, Ox’s etc), revert to 433, Aubameyang to concentrate solely on league to change our form.
With Ozil’s signing, there is an air of stability in the squad whereas before it seemed disjointed.

This is exactly the kind of change that has historically given us boost & we have went in some run of good form previously.


See I I think it’s unlikely that our away form will change until we improve defensively, being so poor when we don’t have the ball is what gets exploited to the max away from home.


How it stands after GW26

We really can’t lose anymore ground if we want to finish 4th


Only way getting CL is doing a United. Top 4 is out of reach with our defense and away form.


We got 12 games left so I’m confident, that we can still make a push for the top 4. All three of the teams above us dropped points and to be fair have performed slightly better than we have in recent games. Their not all that, and hopefully they will start to go through their own bad patches.

We just need to beat the spuds at Wembley and I think we can start to build confidence and momentum.


With our away form, I would really do what Mourinho did and prioritise the Europa League as a way of getting back into the CL instead of getting top 4.

Get a trophy out of that one too.


start off by beating the scum and then watch Chelski plummet and we’re there. not that hard?


If we can do an Arsenal and go on a run of 6/7 victories then we’ll get top 4. But that just seems massively unlikely.


Our best chance is still the Europa League though.


Wenger needs to leave us with an european trophy.


The only way is if we go on an insane run or if other teams implode which Chelsea have done a bit and Liverpool could certainly do.

IMO Wenger pushes hard in all comps from here. He knows he has to spread his bets


It’s been so long since I actually looked at the league table and I’m surprised to see that there’s only 6 points separating Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal. Pretty much 7 point difference for us given our inferior goal difference.

That’s still a lot of ground to make up and we’re counting on 2 of our rivals going on a worse run than us, as well as us magically showing consistency.

I can very well see other teams dropping points but I have no faith whatsoever in our ability to capitalise. Can only hope that signing Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan completely changes the current trajectory of our season.


Before the signings of Mkhitayran and Aubameyang I didn’t think we would get a top four place but the lift it seems to have given the club, as well as having two top quality attacking players and Ozil signing a new contract, it could happen.

If we beat spurs and don’t lose to Man City in the following game and play convincingly, I’ll start to believe it.

Who would have thought that buying a couple of world class players would have such a good effect on the club?

It’s just a shame it took Wenger so long to realise what everyone else knew, and wanted, to do something about it.


Wow. Even you’re being optimistic about our chances :grinning: