Top 4 Race 2017/18

There is one bumped from last season from a few weeks ago but we should have a fresh one for the current season.

For me:

Manchester City
Manchester United

Only way we get CL is a EL win for me.

Will we finish in the top 4?

  • Yes
  • No

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who’s dropping out? Gonna be a three way battle for 4th and I’m yet to see why it will be us tbh

Haven’t seen anything from Spurs or Liverpool to suggest they are better than us. (That 4-0 was an abnormality) So i’m being positive and going with yes.

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yes but only because of Chelsea, spuds and pool will struggle while their in the champions league and we should hit a run off form in January

I don’t fancy Spurs or Liverpool right now. Always fancy us to have a decent spell so I think we’ll nick it by a point or so.

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What Craigie said basically.

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Top 4’s hella optimistic. As soon as Chelsea and Spurs get back to their standard they should get well clear of Liverpool and Arsenal. United might drop a bit but hardly enough. Wenger’s got a big job on his hands just to get our team clicking first and foremost.

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I also don’t rate Spurs or Liverpool either but I have said that AW cannot get top4 anymore and I will maintain that until proven wrong. The days of the past where he would sneak 4th spot purely thanks to luck and others being shit are gone.

I am heartened that we have already played away trips where we regularly drop points (and have done) - Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Everton, Stoke etc. I don’t fear Spurs at Wembley particularly.

We’re pretty shit but should have enough for top 4 IMO given our position in table at the half way stage.

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6th? Seriously? We are shit, but not worse than Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. It’s gonna be tight.

Yeah agree. Some people think only 4th is up for grabs but i’d say 3rd is too. Chelsea haven’t impressed me this season. Can cut the gap with them to 2 points when we beat them next week.

Be positive peeps!

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Think we have a better attack then them, especially now that Ozil is red-hot.

Chelsea, Spurs and Pool will drop points yes. But we will drop just as many, if not more.


Everything said in this thread so far is how it could realistically go down. There’s no overwhelming evidence either way yet.

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I’d rather just win the Europa League and get back into CL from there


I agree.
I think Wenger might copy what Mourinho did, knowing that we don’t have the consistency of defensive organisation to guarantee a top four place.

We have had no real injury problems like most other seasons and we might lose Sanchez in the transfer window which could disrupt the team.

Any injury to a key player like Ozil, Kos, Mustafi, Wilshere or Lacazette, which isn’t unlikely given our injury record, and we could see even more inconsistency.

The Europa League represents a real opportunity to qualify for the CL, especially with the draw we’ve got.

It’s not either or. We’re allowed to do both.

But I think we have more chance of getting top 4 than we do of winning the EL. Mourinho was fortunate in the sense that he came up against minions and Nofuckingood FC from Urbakakamaziskstan in pretty much every round. It’s a lot tougher this season - and if we put all of our eggs in that basket I think we’ll be left with nothing.

If we don’t finish top 4 for two seasons in a row surely he leaves?

That would be better than any top 4 finish!

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You should never under rate teams from Urbakakamaziskstan, especially Nofuckingood FC, who are a very well run club.