Top 4 Race 2017/18


Spurs need a minimum 4 points in their next 2 games or its Liverpools by sunday night.


Done and dusted with our away form. Just focus on the cups.


This thread is basically useless now, might as well retire it…


Worst scenario for tonight’s game was Spurs winning…


Shame that we are not constant enough because apart from City, the other teams are average.


Chelsea look highly likely to drop out, but should still be fairly close between the four. Our points deficit to Chelsea also isn’t truly reflected in the reality that no team with our away form is going to finish in the top 4


Will we make the Top 6 ?


So you are saying we are not constant (consistent maybe?) enough to be average like the rest?


Signings have me pumped.

Fuck it, let’s get this 3rd or 4th!


Don’t think we can close the gap as we’ll still be shit in most away games.

Looking forward to all our home games, though. Should be fun! (Including the Wembley game vs Spurs, that is OUR ground)


Without a shadow of a doubt


If we beat Tottenham and City it could still be possible.


I think we’re going to win every single one of our remaining games and finish third :sunglasses:


See I’d throw you an Ollie-pic for this but it just feels wrong now :disappointed_relieved:


75-76 points should do it so we can only afford to drop 5 more points. A really huge task.


We will have dropped 5 points by the time we have played our next 2 away games.


Ain’t over till it’s over. Auba is gonna go insane and take us kicking and screaming to 4th.

The Race for 4th Place Trophy

So @Calum, is this the new thread? Next week it is gonna be decisive. Beat Tottenumb and we might be back in it.


Even if we beat Tottenham we are still likely to be 6 points + GD off 4th, lets be real we aren’t coming top 4, if we won those games against Bournemouth and Swansea things could be different.


I have no faith in this team away from home. Pigs will fly and hell will freeze over before I’m confident we will win an away match this season