Top 4 Race 2017/18


Lol we’re one game in with these two new signings

May I remind you that we beat Everton, an absolute dogshit team that we almost always beat by multiple goals.

Let’s all just cool it a little bit and see what happens when we play a team that isn’t Everton.

It’s been morale boosting for the fans to get these two new players, but happy fans won’t make up for our god-awful defending or our atrocious away form.


Shame about Auba not able to play in the Europa League, otherwise i would have had us as favourites.


I have a feeling that we’re going to go on one of our runs, I fancy us to win at least 8 of our remaining 12 games, probably more, and think that may be just enough to gain a top 4 place.
We may also win the Europa League…


We need to go on an amazing run to have any chance of top 4. Its that simple. Any losses will feel like an anchor at this stage.


All this optimism will evaporate in an instant if we lose the derby, so I’m waiting until I see that result and performance first.


No. No Sir, you may not. Shoo.


Yeah that’s the point I was trying to make


Poll from the OP of this thread on 23 December

Has your opinion changed?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Still the same

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It’s a close call between “no” and “still the same” for me :speak_no_evil:


Lol :see_no_evil:

For some reason when making the poll I thought they meant different things… :upside_down_face:


To be fair, I didn’t participate in previous poll, so ‘still the same’ for me


It’s true, Everton were very poor but there has been a definite lift for the club.
We have to of the hardest teams in the PL in our next two games, so if we do well against both, it’s possible we could carry on and get a top four place.

I’m in the unusual position of being happy with a transfer window, despite selling our best player but I’m sure Wenger will find a way of bringing us all back to reality.

If I had to bet on it, I would say we won’t get a top four place, but with the bit of confidence gained because of the transfer window, it could happen.


Ah Calum, your opinion has changed? You’re on the hype train now. Welcome – it’s a happier place :smile:


Still the same so no, but we have to fight for it.


Enjoy having what will probably one of the most liked posts. :ozil: call me Özil with them kind of assists :wink:


FIve point gap with Tottenham, United and City on the schedule doesn’t fill me with the most confidence.


There is s chance they have games coming up against each other:

Chelsea- spurs, United, Liverpool, City
Spurs- Arsenal, Chelsea, city
Liverpool- united, Chelsea
United- city, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal
Arsenal- spurs, city, united

It could be very close.

  1. City 2. United 3. Liverpool 4. Spurs, the remaining schedule gives me even more confidence in that prediction.


6 points away from third. We’ve been crap and we’re still that close. Feels like how we used to do it.

4th is perfectly doable, and perfectly fuckupable too.


or it could be as simple as we go and win the europa league then it shouldn’t fucking matter.