Tomas Rosicky


Oh fuck back in the days were only a point off the pace at this time of the season.


As well as being only a couple of top quality players short of a title winning team.


Rose tinted. We where never challenging domestically and regularly screwed in Europe.

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That’s my opinion also but it sure as hell feels good compared to being 10th after 25 games lol.

I reckon the last time I thought we could win the league was probably around that 2010/2011 period, I never thought we’d win in 2016, I know lots did though.


This is when adjustment and changes needed making.
This is the start of having no footballing men in charge and a manager on the wane. Everything that follows was a consequence of this as the replacements have been as bad and worse. We basically have a club not fit for purpose here.


We had one piece of the puzzle the right manager. After Dein left we never got the board members who cared about the club and knew the sport well, that was your second piece of the puzzle. So Wenger could drag us to success with FA Cups all on his own and getting top 4 pretty much every year, but as soon as u take Wenger out of the situation then you’ve got absolutely nothing. Imo we’d be really good right now had we kept Sven and not had all the interference from Raul.