Tomas Rosicky


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Rosicky on 2007/08 Premier League campaign: "Absolutely [that was the season that got away]. The majority of the players felt that we could actually do it."

— afcstuff (@afcstuff) 4 september 2018

Click on the thread for further quotes. That team was the best and most exciting team in the new stadium era.


Sees a Rosicky thread

What a man. I know some tagged me a while back, regards to an interview he did on Premier League World show, earlier in the year. Funnily enough I did see that at the time, and it really was a case of just what might’ve been regards to his career. Still bloody awesome though. We don’t have enough ‘flair’ players for my liking atm.


The great thing about Rosicky was just how direct he was. Always forward thinking. People talk about Ozil seamlessly slipping into the Invincibles, THIS was the guy who would have got in.

No stupid slowing down play like Ozil, Hleb, Fabregas, Denilson, Ramsey and countless others



Absolutely. One of my favourite players in the last decade, potentially my most favourite.

Sad really, had the ability to really be elite level imo


Lovely guy, heavy metal kid and such an unlucky player.


I don’t like to speculate about how good someone could have been unless it was abundantly obvious but with this guy it was abundantly obvious how good he was and how injuries robbed us of seeing a special player at his peak.


Yup, with players like Diaby, Eduardo, Vermaelen; there was always a good chance things go south with them even with full fitness.
However players like Rosicky & Wilshere were certainly robbed of a great career.


Add Santi to the Rosicky and Wilshere bracket


Santi has a great career and we saw him at his peak so I don’t think it’s necessary to add him to that list.

Injuries definitely robbed us of a few extra years of him though.


and Abou also, i think he couldda been one heck of a player.


I always think of Fabregas as having been quite direct with us. Sure he liked to keep the ball and play a bit of possession football, but he was nearly always forward thinking and trying to make things happen.



Imagine a midfield of Santi, Rosicky, Ozil, Fabregas & ummm Coquelin(2015)



Hleb might just be the most underrated player in the New Stadium era.


Dunno, he seems to get credit.

I always felt his finishing was below par, though. Other than that, top player.


I’m not denying Hleb wasn’t a bad player. He was good. It was almost impossible at times for opposition full backs to get the ball off him. Such was his command of the ball. I can remember Wenger praising him as an old-fashioned dribbling winger.

The bit that irks me is that he certainly isn’t what we needed. He overlapped with Ljungberg one season and an aging, losing pace Freddie was probably more effective than him.

And we all remember that fateful drag back v Birmingham City in Feb 2008. Could’ve made it 1-3. We’d be 8 points clear in the league. The rest is history


@Mysty, what about him starting a metal band now? :henry2: He is a good guitarist :smile:


A second career as part of a tribute band would work well for Rosicky :sunglasses:


This was such a great moment.