Thomas Lemar


Ok say that instead of lauding a manager for the very same thing you criricize Wenger for. A manager that hasn’t won shit…


I’d count Alderweireld as being alongside those three, he’s one if the best defenders in the league easily and could do a job for City, United or Chelsea


The reason I don’t laud Wenger over the fourth place trophy is because he is the most experienced manager in Europe sitting on 200m and every season he tells us we are good enough to win the PL.

Would you seriously keep Wenger rather than have Pochettino?


Wenger has been a failure at building a championship winning side. However that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s still done more with less. Winning us actual trophies too, not just getting top 4 every once in a while and putting pressure on. If you are so enamored with the top 4 trophy, come back and talk to me when Pochetino qualifies for the competition the next 20 years.

No fuck Pochetino he’s shit, Wenger all day. Even though people complain, our team still goes forward and tries to play beautiful attacking football. It might not come off as often as it used to but I wouldn’t be a fan of football if the scum were the example of football I was given when I first took notice of the sport. So booorrriiinnng.


I really want to believe Lemar is a Wenger fan, Arsenal fan and so eager to come and play.


Would you swap the last 4 years as a Arsenal fan for the last years as a Spud?


Lol putting pressure on and getting top 4 trophies is what invincibles is in to. I never wanna hear you complaining about ambition again mother fucker.


I would swap the last FA Cup win we had, and I would certainly swap managers.
I assume you chose four seasons because that is when we won the FA Cup.


Why do you like Wenger so much if you never even saw him be good? :thinking:


Cause Wenger is a fucking G that’s why.



Spoken like a true wengerboy if you take Wenger over Poch.


Btw its called “wenger fucc boi” get it right Calum. Once again, if you choose Poch over Wenger I never wanna hear the argument about no ambition again.


He saw this and thought phwooooooooooaaarrrrr he is the manager for me


Poch is a star to get 86 points with a wage bill that is half of what the other top 5 clubs pay, but he really needs to win some things also.


Because we have this wonderful thing called history?


When choosing a club to support, when you’ve not been brain washed and indoctrinated into the cult from birth, you really have to do the research. I did a lot of looking into this guy named Herbert Chapman and the things he accomplished with the club. That was a factor. As well as the aesthetics of the style of play, which can be attributed to Wenger. When you are new to watching the sport, and you see a 10 man Arsenal team play a cheating paella eating Cuntalan side off the park in the CL final, that also has a big impact on any decision.

Seriously though Arsenal had by far the most cracking kit the year I started watching. That was the most important thing, had to look dank in my footie gear tho.


Wtf has any of this got to do with Lemar ?? Fck Spurs !!


Yeah, keep it on topic people :sunglasses:


Pochettino is yet to win a trophy imagine taking that loser over Wenger. I also prefer Kendrick Lamar over Thomas


Come on now. Just because Arsenal kept sitting on their money doesn’t mean we have less than Spurs.

Arsenal are a bigger/better club than Tottenham in every regard. Not picking sides in this debate, but it would be interesting to see what Pochettino might do here. But at the same time that goes for Klopp, Ancelotti, Guardiola, Mourinho, Jardim, Allegri. Heck every manager that isn’t Wenger.