Thomas Lemar


Is this related to the hunger index in any way?


At dinner time , very likely.


Borussia Dortmund always sign great players for a low fee. It’s,just Wenger who can’t work well in the market.


How do you explain Leicester, spurs and Liverpool finishing ahead of us in recent seasons and how do explain the last transfer window and the one where we only signed a GK, when it was obvious we needed world class quality in certain positions.
Can you not see this is why OIzil and Sanchez don’t want to stay here and why it’s going to be even more difficult to attract the best players.

We all know Man City, Chelsea and Man U have more money than us but we’re not exactly paupers, so the fact we fail miserably in the transfer market is unacceptable.


The main problem here is that world class quality is very limited and that top teams are paying world class quality prices for non-world class quality players. Wenger invested in world class quality players when available (Özil, Alexis and Cech, were all world class quality players when bought) but he refuses to spend world class quality money on players like Mangala, Salah, Matic or Sterling, like others did. Of course, he has missed a few good bargains in these past seasons (why nobody bet higher on James Rodriguez for example is something that makes me wonder).

About Spurs transfer policy, I don’t think their approach is too different to ours, and their results are not far from ours neither (only one season above us in the last years). Their activity in the market should be described as way more efficient than ManUtd’s, Chelsea’s or ManCity’s and I’d say quite intelligent and fairly successful.


It’s true that other clubs have paid world class prices for players that aren’t that quality but so have we.
We also pay world class wages to average players but worse than that we give them new contracts.

I know we bought Ozil and Sanchez but apart from those two, who were basically at bargain prices because no other bidders came in, Wenger hasn’t bought a world class player even though he could afford it.

It’s no good Wenger coming out with the well worn excuse of players “not meeting with his valuation” because all he has achieved with that ridiculous is excuse is the only top quality players he has wanting to leave.

If we had bought players like Lemar to play alongside Ozil and Sanchez, rather than replacing them, they might have stayed but it’s because of his lack of investment and perceived lack of ambition which has seen us drop out of the CL, and consequently they want to leave.

I agree with this.
The only difference between us and spurs is that Pochettino is possibly the best manager in the PL and maybe Europe.
Their players earn a lot less than ours, and they have a lot less money than we do, yet they have overtaken us because he is a better manager than Wenger.


Absolutely no chance lol


Not even top 10!


To do what he has with the players and money at his disposal, I rate him as one of the best in Europe.
They are the best organised team in the PL and he has managed to keep his best players, which is something we fail to do.
There must be a reason these players stay there, and it’s not the money because they could earn a lot more elsewhere, so it must be down to the manager.


I think you’re probably being a little premature there. Some of their players will leave in the next year or two, especially if they don’t win anything (which is extremely likely). Kyle Walker left this summer for a better club and more money – others will surely follow suit.


I hope you’re right.
But I would prefer it if Pochettino was the one to leave, and not to another club in the PL, unless it’s us :wink:


For most of those players Tottenham Hotspur is their ceiling. Alderweireld has had an adventure at Atletico Madrid, but wasn’t good enough to make it there. Eriksen, Kane and maybe Alli (which I doubt a little bit) probably are the only three players who are able to make it a better club. When it comes to Eriksen; offensive midfielders are to be found anywhere. That and the fact that Spurs asks for the world when it comes to their players doesn’t make it a miracle they stay there imo.


That’s true but it goes to show if Kane is their only world class player and Eriksen and Alli are the only others that might be tempted away to a bigger club, then Pochettino has definitely done a great job there.

If he was at a club with a lot more top quality players he would achieve a lot more.


This is speculation really. We don’t know how he’d handle a team full of big names/egos. Plus he’d be under a lot more pressure to deliver trophies. Look what happened when David Moyes stepped up to a bigger club on Alex Ferguson’s recommendation. He’s now in line for the Scotland job, things don’t get much worse than that :grin:


Spurs strength like Atleticos is they have a high workrate team who’ll press at high pace, cover the pitch and defend aggressively in every position. It’s hard to duplicate that with a team with many luxury players that you have at top clubs. That was part of United’s problem last season, Pogba seemed like a great signing but their midfield had no legs in it.


Sounds a lot like what Arsene has done for the last 13 years. Except Arsene actually wins shit.


Except Poichettino has only been at spurs a couple of seasons and they are in the CL and we’re not.


Should we ignore the obvious in that statement :smirk:


So you value that top 4 trophy do ya?? Lmao the irony :grin: Oh Btw I only started watching football in 2006, remind me what Wenger did his first handful of seasons @invincibledb10


I’d rather they weren’t above us and having to watch them in the CL after all the seasons of us laughing at them playing in the Europa League.