Thomas Lemar


Yeah not sure how this thread got derailed into Poch vs. AW, but I think top 4 is definitely more of an achievement for Spurs than it is for us and where they have come from and where they are today is damn impressive in the short time that Poch has been there.

But more importantly, if you just watch his team - they play hard, organized, are a serious PITA to play against, and are precisely the kind of team we have trouble against. No question we are bigger brand, club, etc. and have a lot more financial muscle than they do. It isn’t even that close really, which makes their achievements right now more impressive.


Their progress is annoying their achievements are only relative really so far. Had a big chance of the cup and failed their lines. On the up but lets see how dealing with expectation goes before we give them too many plaudits.


Yeah but their natural place is realistically 6th, with occasional slip due to a team like Everton or a lightning bolt like LC. They are overachieving the last 2-3 years frankly. Plaudits deservred just like they were for LC. Doesn’t mean they have “overtaken” us as a club and they absolutely will fall some - the weight of stadium and playing at wembley will hurt the.


If it doesnt make your history chart its fuck all really. Why ive never got excited over our top 4 placings. Thats just me though.


Should’ve gone all in for him, exactly the type of player you need. Fuck it even swap ozil for him


He’s been shit this season from what I’ve seen, completely lost interest in him/Monaco.


I haven’t really been watching but yeah they’ve totally nosedived from last year going by results… lose so many of your best players it’s gonna happen…


They only had two draws in the entire 2nd half of last season. Obviously there is going to be a nosedive. That’s not sustainable for any club.

Actually both season starts are similar. After 9 games they had 19 points last season too. The Champions League campagne is very disappointing tho.


Fuck him he had his chance.


How is Seri playing?


Sanchez you are yesterday’s news.





If I was a footballer I’d constantly like stuff like that just to watch the madness unfold lol


Are you pushing for the troll of the year award? :slight_smile:


how is Lemar doing so far this season?


^ It’s more like: what the fuck is Lemar doing for next year - or in the January window.:wenger:


Scored a great goal against St. Etienne yesterday.


I forgot he existed, a lot of players who moved from Monaco have struggled, Mbappe is the only one that excited me



He’s set his heart on a move to the Arsenal, Liverpool need to just get over it already