Thomas Lemar

Arsenal are pursuing a deal for Lemar on top of Lacazette but are increasingly resigned to missing out on Mbappé.

I’d like every one of @Aussiegooner’s posts and respond to every single one of @AbouCuellar’s posts to get this over the line.

So Lemar and Laca? Not bad :wink:

Would love him here!!!

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Lemar, Lacazette and Goretkza would be the best transfer window of any club.


Are Monaco poor? They’ve built this team, won the league and then they’re going to sell all the players that are 23 and under?

Why are they losing Silva for 43m, Bakayoko for 36m(?), and then entertaining the idea of losing players like Mbappe, Lemar, Fabinho and Mendy for however much?

They should just cash in on Mbappe for 120m and keep the rest. That kind of money will go far for a French club.

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They could easily make £300m; that’d be even bigger.

I don’t know the exact situation but their owner lost half of his fortune to his wife in the divorce a few years back and I think since then he’s been quite interested in basically recouping his losses.

Players wont turn down the chance to play in the Prem tbh

I don’t think ASM will sell Lemar, Mbappe, Bakayoko, Fabinho and Mendy after Bernardo Silva.

Aren’t they owned by that billionaire that got his fortune halved in his divorce?

Could be a factor as to why they’re seemingly committed to a fire sale.

That’s what I just posted, post stealer!

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Love the transfer window. Some ex model has said Lemar has chosen to sign for us over Spurs.


I think that’s just the food chain in football. If those players are interested in leaving there is not that much they can do.

Maybe she is his former girlfriend, lol!

Where does Lemar fit in, assuming Sánchez and Özil stay (I can only think the reason for going so hard for him and Lacazette would be to convince them to stay)? RW in a 4-3-3? In the 3-4-2-1, though, where does he fit? At the 8?

On the bench.

? Do you not rate him that much?

I don’t think Sanchez will be signing a new contract, and if Wenger is genuinely after players like Lemar or Mahrez as midfield transfer targets, then it would be fair to assume that he is looking for a replacement for Sanchez, as well as Cazorla or even Chamberlain.

If we are after both Lemar and Lacazette i do fear Alexis and Mesut are leaving.

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I can see Sánchez not signing a new contract, or Özil too, but I think Wenger will run down their contracts, hoping for a big final season to keep them, rather than sell them.