Theo Walcott


We had a chance without him and completely fucked it.


Theo versus a parked bus…yeah sure he would have made a difference


Theo who ?


Who the fook is this guy.


Theo will go on and continue to score or assist once every 120 minutes this season as usual, old reliable. Meanwhile we’ve absolutely been taken for 50m for a wasteman. Yet another piece of excellent business by the club :joy::joy:


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On a side note, Theo has done well for Everton.


He may have peaked as a player but his current stage isn’t that bad. Solid contributor to goals Good to see him in a club that looks up to him. Exactly what he needed to flourish.


No surprise, is it? He is at his level.


Scored a great goal today, after a great run. (


Why do people keep saying he is at his level now he is at Everton? He still in the PL planning for a worse team than arsenal so his numbers should actually be going down buts it’s not. Theo was never a superstar and since he has not been on our right we have been struggling on that side and mhiki has not helped.


Well, Everton seem on the rise. They could pose a threat to our Top 6 dreams if we are not careful.


Our top 6 dreams?! Get a fucking grip…top 6 fucking dreams, Everton finishing above us maybe in a first torrid season struggling to get to grips with a new style but you are acting as if they are somehow gonna be a force. :xhaka:


Dunno dude. City, Liverpool and Spurs look to be a step ahead than the others(coming from last season too). Chelsea with all their flaws have Eden Hazard and Kante. United could be tricky but I think somehow Mourinho will get them in the top 6. Then there’s us. On paper Everton have a proper team and so far they seem to be delivering. Will that last? Maybe, maybe not. Still, Leicester won the freaking league would Everton making top 6 surprise you?
Btw, Top 6 in the first season under a literally a new era isn’t that bad. Should seriously invest in EL tho.


We will never finish lower than 6th ever. The league is basically 6 teams and the other 14 fight it out to be best of the rest


When we sold Theo I wasn’t that mad, I was happy because Theo needed a fresh new start. He didn’t develop into the type of player Wenger wanted him to be, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a skilled specialist, and now he’s showing Everton what he can do.

It’s a shame because Emery clearly wants a lot of our attack to come from pacy wide players, even Bellerin is thriving under that style. Inagine what Theo could be doing, he’d be causing havoc for us.


He has a mountain to prove yet at Everton.

Bellerin is far from thriving.

Dont need to imagine he was here for a number of years and despite the odd good spell - never cut it.


We got a good return out of Walcott. Got a good price when we sold him too. Not too shabby imo.


Yeah he was good but not great. Otherwise we would have kept him. And its not as if we did not wait for the great either!


He relies too much on his speed. When defenders close off his space or more agile defenders face him. He’s like a trapped monkey. Walcott cannot beat his man and he ends up either passing back or losing the ball as he can’t beat his man with trickery.

Walcott still lack a football brain. What’s that saying again? If you give him time he becomes damn indecisive.

Too stupid to develop and thinks of himself as a bloody striker. Didn’t we play him for practically one season up front after giving him £100k? That didn’t work.