Theo Walcott

Full name: Theo James Walcott

Date of birth 16 March 1989
Place of birth Stanmore, London, England
Height 1.76 m
Playing position
Forward / Winger

Walcott will silence his haters this year, i can feel a comeback.


I admire your deluded enthusiasm :slight_smile:


Luckiest guy around, regardless of form, ability or passion he’s looking set to have another chance at playing striker for us. Fuck you Vardy you goblin fuck.


[quote=“Castiel, post:4, topic:89, full:true”]
Luckiest guy around, regardless of form, ability or passion he’s looking set to have another chance at playing striker for us. Fuck you Vardy you goblin fuck.
[/quote]Guess he told us to "Chat shit, get banged’.

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Psht Theo would have scored 30 goals in the league playing for Leicester last year.

in 30 consecutive games too :theo:


I wonder what his attitude is going to be like this season?
It was obvious at the end of last season that his attitude was shocking. Hoping Wenger has had a word and he starts this season really fired up

Yes! And the last few games he had zero confidence, he shat himself every time he touched the ball. He was even below his average standards. With his first poor touch/miss, fans will get on his back again, not sure if he can cope with that pressure, because he couldn’t last season.

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I would think that the fact he couldn’t even get in one of the worst England teams, and the criticism he has got from the media and supporters, his confidence is going to be low.

His main attributes are his pace, which I’m not sure is there any more, and his finishing, which looks as if he has been taking lessons from Ramsey.

He is our longest serving player, he isn’t a prospect anymore and he is injury prone.
So, with his massive wages, I can’t see any reason to keep him, and we should take the 20-30m we could get for him and put it towards the best striker we can afford.

We have Chamberlain and plenty of others, so we are well stocked in the, overpaid, under achieving, attacking midfielder position.

What we need is quality rather than quantity.

Although we all know he will be here next season, we also know he will be injured and he will be as underwhelming as he usually is.


Make him clean Sanchez’s shoes or something to get the best out of his wages.
Don’t want this coward anywhere near the matchday squad.


I bet a dinner with one of us if Walcott will score over 10 league goals next season.


If he’s our starting striker he’ll definitely score over 10 league goals. I think we’ll go back to a Giroud/Walcott rotation, I guess it kinda worked until we had injuries elsewhere? :unamused:

He will probably score more than ten goals, and if he plays most games this season, he should.

The problem here, is that if he is playing regularly in our first team, then there is something wrong.
He is our longest serving player and still hasn’t proved he is the quality we need, or his consistent enough to start, as well as his regular injuries.

He should be considered a squad option and no more.

If Walcott plays a significant amount of games to get 10goals, I would go Allahu Akbar on Wenger.

Love this goal.

Did we win that game? I forgot

nope :santi:

Amazing to think that was six years ago and yet Walcott isn’t any better than he was then.

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New forum but it seems you have changed so neither will I lol


Devastated that it looks like he is staying here. :cry: :cry:

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