Theo Walcott


Rooney is shit and has been shit for the last 3 or so seasons only living off his past reputation. He’ll score a long ranger once in a while and convert penalties, but that’s it. He’s got no vision and won’t work in the #10 role. Won’t work in a deeper role as well as his legs are gone.

Theo might work with Sigurdsson, but Allardyce needs to figure how he fits everyone in the team.


Rooney has been in shit form for quite a while, but does not mean he is a shit player.

If he could find his form, confidence, motivation, he is still a very good player.

No matter how “shit” Rooney is, can’t worse than Welbeck and Iwobi.


Fair play to Theo he knew it was time to move on himself and wanted to go. If it was up to Wenger he’d have probably offered him a new contract so thanks for taking it out his hands Theo.


They make it sound as if he crept in there at night to get his boots because he had to avoid the hoards of supporters that wanted him to stay.

Walcott has never been world class or consistent yet he has been our longest serving player under Wenger.

Mkhitayran has showed he could be world class and is inconsistent at Man U, and Mourinho wants to get rid of him after half a season.

One manager has a winning attitude and one hasn’t.


No they didn’t. Theo very clearly states it happened that way because of how quick the whole thing came about.


I’m going to miss Theo, he was hugely frustrating at times, but a big reason for that is that he was capable of being absolutely devastating at other times. I remember after the 2-2 against Barcelona a few years ago Messi saying he was the one player of ours that they just couldn’t cope with.

He didn’t do it consistently enough, but he did give us some important and some great moments.


Are we talking about same Wenger who gave Theo only 63 mins in PL this season and didn’t give him a single start since April?

The future is on Merseyside, but Walcott is hoping to be granted a final request when returning to Arsenal with his new club on February 3 - a more gracious goodbye.

“I have spoken to Ivan (Gazidis) and I am sure there will be something. He’s already sort of told me something might be happening,” said the midfielder.

I hope we do do something really nice for him on his return.
Just buzz my romantic strings Arsenal. Make me giddy.


2 goals today


He’s played 180 minutes for Everton and has 2 goals and an assist now. The guy has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, making good runs, elite level movement, and good finishing. We need adirect runner who can score goals, THAT IS THEO WALCOTT. I guess maybe I’m just a dumb American that doesn’t know his football but Theo has always checked all those boxes and deserved play time over a guy like Laca who I hate watching every week because he’s practically invisible, imo.

At the same time the argument can be made that his race had been run here. The comments last year at Palace and he never started another PL game for us. So I’m glad to see him being successful elsewhere especially considering he’s a class player and didn’t deserve half the schtick he got here. Anyways keep doing your thing Theo, absolute FPL bargain as well, got me 15 points today! THEO THEO THEO THEEOOO!!


really pleased for him today


I’m just super happy he’s scoring for Everton.

Think he’s found his level playing for a team whose opponents won’t put 10 men behind the ball every game.


Same but I might suggest sample size could use some growth before we say a whole lot about his time at Everton. We’ve experienced a parade of striker misfits the last 10 or so years and virtually all of them had a few short spells of high production.


He will be excellent for them



When theres space for him, he excels greatly


Surprised he got taken off, was Everton’s most dangerous player.


I kinda miss this guy.


Been quiet at everton though after a good few weeks.


Good article this


That is a good article.

It wasn’t long ago that we were all wanting him to sign a new contract and he was stalling, and he was also our longest serving player.

Let’s hope any new manager doesn’t persist with players like this for so long, and moves them on.
I think he has found his level at Everton.


I believe we would’ve had a chance v Atleti if we still had Walcott. He was a big game player