Theo Walcott


Everton always seems to be everyone’s second favourite team. Except obviously those twats from Anfield.


Always like Everton cos the brother follows them.


Everton is cool.
I still like David Moyes for his stint there.


Fucking hell lads why don’t you all go follow Theo to Everton if so many of you like them :wink:


Gonna chip in and say that I also have always quite liked Everton. I think it might be in contrast to Liverpool to an extent. Everton fans seem to actually possess the famous native wit of Merseyside, whereas Liverpool represent the worst stereotypes about Scousers with their air of self importance.

I think a large part of it was that I like Arteta so much, I mean even before we signed him. He was a real beacon of light amongst the dreary Moyesiness. Even as a little kid I was slightly drawn to them because of my sheer amazement at the unparalleled thuggishness of Big Duncan Ferguson. To a child of the ninetiess he was like something from the ancient times of the seventies, something my tiny mind couldn’t comprehend.

I also don’t hate Walcott like others do, so I wish him well


Come on you Blues :grinning:

Big Sam’s blue and white army. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it’s got a ring to it

Rooooooooooooooooneeeeeeeey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I’m getting to like this.

Theeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Oh, maybe not



I’ll be the one to say it then and yeah, red arrow me, but Walcott is very well media trained and knows on which side his bread is buttered :smile:

I’m sure he can A] read and B] has enough presence on social media to know how often his amazing Arsenal fans take the piss and ridicule him

I’m not going to shower him with praise for parroting the same well trodden lines about how “the fans are amazing”


He has always been a model pro and has quite a timid nature so wouldnt expect him to say anything else to be fair. Still believe if he had a bit more fire he could have been lethal. Good luck to him.


I don’t really think this was his issue tbh. He was pretty firey at times. There were few I trusted to show the ‘passion’ expected in a derby or a big match more than him.

Issue was simply ability and untimely injuries (especially the ones in 13-14 when I’m convinced he would’ve been a potent force combining with Özil, coming off the season he had in 12-13-- even in the short periods he had of health in 13-14 before the ACL tear, where he didn’t have much continuity, he was quite productive).

People make it about mentality way too much with Walcott. Don’t think there was anything wrong with his mentality.


When someone chooses to jump over the tackle rather than acquiring a completely winnable possession, you tend to doubt that someone’s mentality.


Jesus Christ that tackle… completely overblown reaction to that in all seriousness.


Yeah, silly boys who have seen their career plagued by injury who don’t dive into potential injuries like good ol Jacky Wilshere! If only Theo didn’t jump over tackles, he’d be as good as Özil, and if only Özil didn’t, he’d be as good as Messi, and if only Messi didn’t, he’d be as good as CR12 even in the minds of Madridistas.


That tackle incident was ultimate culmination of all the shittiness he showed during that campaign.
In isolation it would look trivial to be angry at that but that was tipping point of all the frustration.


Yea but come on, it was like 2 years ago. Get over it. :slight_smile:


Let Trion be, he’s just grasping at scapegoats to explain away Wenger’s failure of all failures. :grimacing: :cowboy_hat_face:


I have been criticizing Theo for a long time. Not a recent development.


I have a gut feeling that he and Rooney may form a good partnership at Everton


I dunno, Rooney and Theo together weren’t that amazing for England.

Besides, Rooney is further back nowadays. I do however think Theo will complement Tosun.


Rooney in the middle (attacking midfield), and Theo on the right or upfront… they should be some spark in between them.
If the tactics are right, and they are motivated… they can do some damage I believe.