Theo Walcott

Heard a rumour/theory from a coach I used to chat to that our weight training at the time created muscle imbalances that led to injuries.

That felt like sweet revenge after the croats done us over in the euro 2008 qualifiers :grin:

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Didn’t we have a perfect record in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, or even the most points out of all the other groups?

And then we crashed and burned in the main event lol

I’ll always blame the players for that one. As soon as they got to the WC they started sulking about not being able to spend time with their partners and shit like that. And they downed tools at the WC of all places.

I also think if Lampard’s goal is rightly given then England can go onto win that game against Germany. They were completely rattled and the youth would have crumbled if you ask me.


We had them on the ropes at that point but as is the norm we let a controversial moment at a tournament deflate us :grin:


As long as England get a hard luck story to cling too the fans are always happy.

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No idea how we blew it after this moment :grin:

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always makes me laugh when I see the photo of a 16 year old walcott signing for us with his oversized shirt

Shame he wasn’t born about 10 years earlier cuz if he was in the same team with Bergkamp and Henry we are probably winning multiple champions leagues in the late 90s early 2000’s tbh.

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Good composed finish by Walcott.

The first time, no-look flick, through pass by Cesc which takes the pace out the ball and deceives the Villarreal defender is genius.

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I find it impossible to dislike Francesc Fàbregas Soler. An Arsenal legend, no doubt in my mind at least.

Sublime finish by Lolcott as well there


Whenever I watch YouTube videos I can’t help but love Theo’s finishing style, chips, curlers near post smashers. Always looked great from him
Shame he was so wasteful in his physical prime.