The Walking Dead


The boat seems like a great idea, until the obvious titanic esk balls up occurs and we all drown.

Oh and fuck floating zombies. Hell no. Dry land it is.


Snoozefest. As expected.


I thought this thread was about Arsenals perennial injury burden !


Fear the Walking Dead relies on some of the stupidest story-telling and coincidences imaginable. At times I thought it was great, but it never fails to go full retard just when you think you’re becoming a fan.


Yep. Load of balls. Expect much the same the next few episodes.


I liked episode 2. Excluding the rubbish tiger, it was set at a nice pace, with some interesting set up. Can’t have carnage every episode.


I loved episode 2. If there’s ever a time that I don’t find a guy having a giant pet tiger in the zombie apocalypse cool then I don’t want to be alive anymore.




Episode 3 was really good. One of the best in a while, really no excuses for this not being the best season.

Walking Dead is basically divided into the stuff before Negan and what comes now.


Meh. I’m with @Bl1nk


Was dogshit. So fed up with Darryls fucking emo hillbilly routine. Rick’s group as an ensemble is getting old. The setting is brilliant but you know when the most excitement in years stems from which one of the ‘good’ guys gets his brains smashed in then you really need to to kick things up a notch and shuffle the deck a little.

Probably why I enjoy Fear so much.


I quite liked the episode, but I don’t like the direction of the show. It could do with a bit more than looking for a new (unsafe) shelter every season.


Yeah I agree with this. I was saying back in season 5 that it was time for some character changes, but now in season 7 its still pretty much the same outlook and behaviour from everyone, or when someone does change a bit, they swiftly change them back to type. I expect they’ll do the same with Daryl - he’ll turn into one of Negan’s men, do a few evil deeds, then make amends, do something heroic and he’ll be back to emo hillbilly boy before season ends.



I’m tired of them going from shelter to shelter in podunk towns. I want to see them find the remnants of the government or go to a big city.

When they found that underground research facility I was so happy and then it fucking blew up.


That was 5 or so episodes in lol


Wait, really? Fuck


Yea, it happened towards the end of season 1 which had 6 episodes.


The difficulty is that they don’t do flashbacks so you can’t really have a ‘Lost’ type episode.

I suppose being honest (despite being a fan of the show and non-reader of the original comics) I think it can be criticised as ‘resting on its laurels’ a bit and sitting on this massive audience and guaranteed success.

I would’ve liked it to diverge significantly from the show and go places the comics haven’t, but I guess that’s impractical.


Pacing in the show is awful. I am all up for this living, breathing post apocalyptic world and all that.

But it’s slowly becoming more Hollyoaks that anything else.

I wonder if the need for context and a progressive story spawned fear the walking dead. Got very bored of it and give up (saw no need to become stuck watching two shows I want to hurry up and end so I can get closure). But maybe it’s what you might want?


Another super slow one