The Walking Dead

Returns on Monday! :smiley: Can’t wait.

Who do you think got killed by Negan?

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Going for glen to bite the dust

Despite knowing what happens in the graphic novel, I’m saying Abraham.

Controversial but my money is on Daryl

Please let it be Glenn or someone else whose a meaningful character.

Hopefully its fucking Rick.


I’m going with Michonne. Send Rick all crazy again.

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Another vote for Abraham here.

They’ve shown they’re willing to divert from the comic strip; however if they divert too far they’re in danger of losing credibility and losing a lot of the viewership.

We already know it isn’t Rick, Carl, or a female. (Btw imagine if it was Maggie, a dude battering a pregnant woman to death with a baseball bat on primetime TV :joy: ballsy)

I think there’s only a few real candidates but just think they can afford to take out Abraham for several reasons the comic strip readers will understand and I won’t spoil it for the TV-only viewers.

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My theory is that they will begin the previous episode over, this time from the perspective of the group in the van. I think they will lead us to think it will be Glenn who gets it.

Then in the climax they will kill someone unimportant. We’ll be all disappointed or relieved depending on our views, only for a second person to get the bat - Glenn.

It’s the kind of tricksy, silly thing they’d do - although I wouldn’t be too upset if it went this way.


Thought this was on tonight but apparently not :angry:

It’s Sunday evening in the USA. And Monday evening here (in the Netherlands at least).

@Dr_Strangepass you seem to be highly critical in your approach to television. I mean that in a positive way btw, perhaps highly analytical would be a better phrase.

I’m shocked you’d still be watching this show. It’s basically trash, albeit entertaining trash. I gave up a couple of seasons ago because I was so fed up of it. This daily mash article hits the nail right on the head for me

The source added: “You will wonder why you continue to watch this relentless torrent of the most gruelling misery imaginable, then concede that you’d already spent weeks of your life on it so it’s too late to stop now.”

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its on foxuk at 2.30am today

Its a brutal episode :grin:

Oh my god that was fucking brutal. One of the most intense stuff I’ve seen


Glenn will be back. He’s just hiding under the baseball bat


Madness. I had given up on this show, but this season opener was great. A bit sad, but great nonetheless.

Not as bad as I anticipated, but basically burdened by having the stupid cliff-hanger - lacked the requisite suspense, and ended up too long. If they had only condensed this episode into 15 minutes and placed it at the end of the very suspenseful final episode of the previous season it would have been the best episode they’ve ever done. Instead we got 45 minutes of torture porn and no proper send off for the main character who died. They even managed to balls up the ‘Godfather’ table ending - how can you evoke pathos when the main subject in question is looking the other way so all you see is the back of the persons head?

@JakeyBoy - I watch this show because I’m genuinely a fan, and hope that it might re-find the heights of season 2 & 4. I love the characters, even if I get frustrated with the rubbish writing team.

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Insane episode.

Glenn’s eye fucking lol