The Walking Dead


That episode was insane. As good as any they’ve made tbh.

Now for 6 episodes of filler. :slight_smile:


That was one of the most fucked up episodes of TV i’ve ever seen :joy:

Called it tho, well the Abraham part anyway.


Another one of my reasons for giving up on this show :smile:

That’ll be the last I say on the topic, I’m not gonna be that guy who tries to ruin others enjoyment of a show I no longer I like lol


I actually want it to end so that I don’t have to sit through more perennial disappointment with the unimaginative writing.

Key points this episode for me were:
Gore porn as a whole was great, the 2nd ‘shock’ was superb. However Negan was dressed head to toe in what the kids call ‘plot armor’, there is just no way he should have been alone with Rick and still alive.

Negan is however, a fantastic villain in the novel and imo very well cast. So yay for that. Any episode without him will likely be forgettable.


Thats the only thing that pissed me off too. Other than that it was a very tense episode which makes me think the rest will be filler in comparison.


Hopefully with a story revolving around war, there isn’t too much for Gimple to mess up; he just needs to stick somewhat closely to the comics, and we may get the best season since number 4. My big hope is that Rick overcomes his guilt quickly, and gets on with matters, and for Daryl to use his guilt to grow as a character, he’s been stuck in a boring rut since season 4.

Personally I like Negan, but I really don’t find him at all scary or intimidating. He’s more like a psychotic gameshow host with too much glib talk and a pearly white smile. I have read that in the comics he develops into quite a nuanced and interesting character, so hopefully they find a way to give him some depth to compensate for the lack of menace.

Regarding the Negan plot armour I think that whole RV scene was just stupid and irrelevant, basically filler because the 45 minute episode run time was just too long for what was basically just a murder scene. It was there eat time and nothing more. But I would have considered Rick a bit dumb to have tried to kill Negan at this point (which he actually did try and do) because he would have seen all his friends die.


Jesus, Rick was nearly humbled as much as Jose at the weekend.

Have to admit I was a little devastated when he didn’t chop Carl’s arm off


What was the deal with that fucking axe on the roof of the RV anyway.

There were two goddamn axes. Two axes.


Didn’t Negan throw it onto the roof?

I was devastated when he didn’t and would have been devastated if he had. Great acting.


Thought the episode was OK.

I’m interested to see where they take it from here, but given how disappointing previous seasons are I’m not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking even though there is potential for it.

I’d just love to know what the fuck the virus is and how the outbreak happened. Some more back story for the whole situation would be great.


They need to do that but I don’t think the show’s going to be prepared to do much zipping back and forward in time, a la Lost. They should do though.


Or just bring out an origin story, they already have Fear the Walking Dead as a prequel which is excellent, much better than TWD in my opinion.


Really? I found it crap from the get go.


I love it, especially once they get to the boat.


I either don’t remember a boat or didn’t even watch that far :slight_smile:


Well you suck then. Season two is the shit, they literally go out to sea on a luxury yacht - none of that riding about in a broke ass camper van for 4 years - which is something I’ve always felt is the obvious answer to a zombie apocalypse, not to mention Dougry Scott makes an appearance who is legitimately the only Scottish person I love.


The other half has been talking about a big fucking boat since season one as the best survival plan. I’ve always been more on the “what the fuck would be the point in surviving” side of the fence myself though.


We live on the same island bro, that’s pretty much our mandate with this climate. If anything introducing a yacht to my life would significantly improve it.


How big a boat we talking here? Cruise liner? Cos its not like we have those fuckers lining up at our docks. Basically the best we could hope for is the Irish Ferrie Ulysses. Fuck that.

At least I can go for a cycle as things stand.


We’re talking a small luxury boat.

You as Irish obviously wouldn’t qualify, me on the other-hand as British…hmm.