The Walking Dead


This season is all about the mind fuck so far. Quite liking it…


I thought Rick explained why he accepted defeat quite well. Up to now it would have been unthinkable for him not to find a way to fight back but its a slightly different side to him we’ve seen this season. I’m not sure how they bring the old Rick back though, maybe the only way they’ll defeat Negan now is pure opportunism.


Like stabbing him with a pointy stick through the gate and keeping it locked?


Or a piano falling on his head. Something like that.


Maybe they should just have killed him with the bazillion opportunities they’ve had and then seen how much his gang actually gave a shit about him.

Seems like he rules completely by fear and being a cunt, I’m not sure too many of his own gang would be too upset by his death.


Yeh was thinking that myself, they would disband practically instantly should he fall but I guess Rick and the crew don’t know that.

When you see the absolutely insane arsenal they get stripped of it makes you think if they took down Neegan early enough - not like he doesn’t give them many chance - the rest of the group would take off rather than get caught in a war of attrition.

Not to mention gunfire would automatically draw Zombies to the fortified position making the Saviours placement a nightmare to hold.


still think they still have plenty off firepower to take down Negan. sure they have a secret stash in maggies grave


Also I get why they had an inventory but why did they admit to having it? :joy:


I’m not buying this Rick giving up thing. I think he is just making sure everyone is on-side preventing them all being taken hostage or killed and biding his time with a plan. I think he will spill the beans to Michonne when she decides to try and take things into her own hands in the coming episodes.


Anyone else incredibly creeped out by Rick and Michonne? Where the fuck did any of that even come from?

Almost feels incestuous.


If you mean their relationship it was clearly developed last season, I think. It’s not the first time we’ve seen them in bed together; in one episode last season Jesus snuck into their room and saw them naked lol.

On a separate note, I already despise Negan…well not the actor who does well with the shit he’s thrown, but the terrible dialogue because he talks endlessly…just STOP TALKING.


Oh no sorry I obviously wasnt clear, I know they built it up, I just don’t see it. To me they lack any semblence of chemistry.


Think the series (refuse to call it a ‘season’) is developing quite well tbh, they can’t be killing off characters every episode or else they’d have no-one left.

The big set pieces around Herschel’s farm, the prison and then Woodbury were all some time ago now, the early stages of Alexandria felt a bit too much like Woodbury mark II minus The Governor: now Negan has come along and re-energised everything.


I think they did have chemistry, it’s just the way the show is written characters just disappear for months and have zero growth. So I kind of agree.


This is all true, but don’t you find Negan being Mr cool with every word he utters really annoying?


Fuck. Really liked Jesus. Little devastated they decided to merge his story arc with Rick’s spawn.


Rick and Michonne is still sooooo weird.


It doesn’t seem like organic relationship tbh. Rick and Michonne are both introverted loners for different reasons, seeing them being all lovey with each other is a massive cut against the grain. They’re both strong personalities too, Rick being with that Blond mom last season made alot sense because that’s the type of woman Rick would go for

I much preferred Michonne when she had an air of mystique about her.


That’s a good observation, but from my understanding the writers are just conflating comic arcs together. The show has killed off Ricks actual love interest, so Michonne was probably the only viable woman left standing. I don’t think the show cares much though for authenticity of character, I mean look at what’s developing now: we have the whole Alexandria clan wanting to fight back against the Saviours apart from Rick. Yet Rick over the previous 2-3 seasons has clearly developed into a total badass. I don’t believe for a second that he wouldn’t already be planning his all out war.


I don’t get the aversion to Rick and Michonne tbh what is it ethnicity? If she was blonde and blue eyed would it still seem off?

There was a clear build up from last season, really shouldn’t come as a surprise.