The State of The Arsenal

That’s because your busy celebrating your CL win


This is true. Is there a parade?

It’s a fact and it’s all thanks to Wenger.

Let’s put it this way. Accepting we are going nowhere while Kroenke is here and Arteta manages. It just makes life tenfold more enjoyable than being constantly disappointed by Arsenal :slightly_smiling_face:


The state of Arsenal - SHIT


Agreed there 100%

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Stop this. Stop it right now

He didn’t win the PL. Fyi


Fair enough. But he did win a Europa League and a Champions League. Both cups Arsenal can’t win for the life of it. And won’t win for the foreseeable future.

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So what he’s still just a handsome cunt at the end of the day.

Also, he played les than 30 minutes total from the QF’s onwards. He’s a CL winner in the same way a third choice goalkeeper is. Sure he gets a medal but it’s by proxy.


And he is a World Cup winner too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile we are bumbling about with Shiteta

This club is an embarrassment, big clubs have many sponsors manu apparently have over one hundred commercial sponsors…our club had minimal sponsors and the sponsors we had are dwinding now. A club the size of Arsenal have the following:

Lead Partners: 3
Official Partners: 5
Regional Partners: 8

Total Partners 16

SIXTEEN partners…for a worldwide brand, it was woeful before when we had about 20 what in the HELL is going on at this club. You are telling me that you couldn’t maximise even this it should be easier for us to at least have double these partners. This club is so poorly run that even the revenue side of the club is pathetic.

I want to know what the hell is going on at this club, do they all sit around all day have a chinwag and a laugh then go home.

No improvements in structure, no improvements in recruitment, no improvements on revenues, none on the pitch…what are the staff doing?

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United is a megaclub in terms of commercial activity, not really fair to compare them to us.

The number of partners is a bit meaningless, regional deals will mostly be short term low income. What’s important is the shirt manufacturer and sponsor, those are the main sources of commercial revenue for any club. At the time of signing ours they were at or above market rate

The concerns are right though, Vinai needs to earn his wage in the period from now to 2023. The Rwanda sleeve deal is def gone which was at the high end for its kind, Emirates and Addidas expire in 2024. I’m more worried about Emirates than Addidas, we’re in a strategically great position with them



Just an awfully run club. Idiots in charge top to bottom.


I had a chat with one of my friends yesterday who still keeps his season tickets for him and his son. He was saying the over riding problem in recent years is the quality of player we have which just slowly erodes over time.

Xhaka was arguably our best centre mid last season but always an error in him and not fit to even be a sub in great teams of our title winning seasons. He’s going now anyway.

Leno a keeper who doesn’t command his box and who is very uncomfortable with the ball at his feet so can’t play well in Artetas style, just wrecks his confidence. The own goal against Everton was a horror, the sending off for handling outside his box when he didn’t need to spring to mind. An improvement on Cech perhaps- John Terry the Chav con man saying he was gonna be 15 points a season and the Idiots that run Arsenal lapped up that one. Wanted to call him a tosser when I saw him out jogging with his Alsatian the other day but I wasn’t brave enough!!

Auba a top class striker who signs his mega end of career deal and then stops attacking space and making the intelligent runs to get his goals like he used to.

Lacazette, our best striker last season but looks like he’s eating a Macdonalds every night after 5 pints down the pub. An expensive downgrade on Oli G who wasn’t an Arsenal great anyway.

Arteta an L plate manager still learning his trade and hard to judge if he’ll ever be any good.

Willian - enough said already.

Luiz our best centre back last year but always an accident waiting to happen but even he doesn’t want to do another year in this set up.

Bellenderin past his best since his injuries also wanting away.

My friend could’ve gone on and on in most positions.

Now we have to sell some of these boys who don’t leave for free to buy from teams like Norwich (fail to in that case) and Wolves at twice the price we are selling at.

The news in the current window suggests a miracle may be needed for us to head up the table rather than down.

In the meantime the Kroenkes sit there refusing to make a billion pound plus profit selling to Ek while they take the club down and down.

The state of the Arsenal. Kroenke out please.


To clear my mind and fall asleep I would sometimes fantasize about managing Arsenal, making it a dominant powerhouse, playing amazing football and winning everything. Now, other than this board I avoid all thing Arsenal.

There are allot of aspirations I have in life that require focus, discipline and a killer instinct to achieve. I want nothing to do with the loser mentality currently gripping this club even if it’s the club of my dreams.


No need to imagine brother, get Football manager and live the dream through the simulation. Be careful though it can take over your life!


You read my mind. I was just thinking about the sporting fantasy that video games offer. Unfortunately like you point out it can get super addictive.

The great thing about passively watching sports is it’s easier to disengage from once the match is over. Video games can be a hindrance to focusing on more pressing real life matters.


Football manager is just so good though, would highly highly recommend it. I buy it every year, (have done since I was 10-11 back in 97’) regardless of how much I play it. Will always have a few saves, An Arsenal save, non league one, championship one, maybe one in a different league. Creating tactics, signing youth players, promoting youth players, discovering new players. It really does expand your knowledge of the game and gets very immersive.