The State of The Arsenal

Knock your head, there’s alot lol. Russian money is particularly dirty sewer bilge.

For all the praise people seem to lumping on Abramovich, there are many issues with him right now and around the corner. Abramovich isn’t even allowed to enter the UK lawfully and the planning on Chelsea’s new stadium has stopped. Never mind the £1bn hanging over the clubs Parent compamy

I don’t think success with Usmanov is so assured as some think. Everton is hardly making moves right now.

In fairness the top end is very crowded, the pool of players is limited for them to improve due to the competition.

Ancellotti was a coup though and they’re transfer business has been above average imo, I see a slow build.



Is this rock bottom? Tell me this is rock bottom.

Out of Europe next year completely. That is going to have big implications for our summer and our future. Not a remotely acceptable season.


We have yet to experience the incoming relegation battle and eventual relegation. Sounds likely at this point.


That’s one CL too many to miss. I think we’re finished as a top club now. Now the struggle really begins.


We tried to cheat our way back in because our owners don’t know to get us there.

Need a massive overhaul at the club ASAP


10,000 in the ground for the Brighton game in a couple of weeks. They need to make themselves heard.

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I do understand where you are coming from, but I honestly do not think that we are that far off…
Our squad is not horrendous, 2-3 GOOD signings and we are a top four, or above team…
The only thing making us a mid table team at the moment, is our mid table manager…

Edu and Arteta right now.


Xhaka and Lacazette have to leave with the manager if we are to have any chance of recovering now.


This club is honestly unrecognisable. Is this club even Arsenal football club anymore? The players, the manager, the owners. All we do is just release multiple tops and weekly training videos. What has this club become?


This was our third European Semi Final in four seasons. Most sets of fans don’t see that their entire lives. But the reality is the way we have gone out in Europe for about the last ten seasons hasn’t been good enough and we’re perfectly entitled to feel aggrieved by it.

Fucking cunts.


Please don’t give Artetasexuals any ammunition.

Only Wenger (barely) deserves that kind of justification.

Think about the money we spent and this is not what we should satisfy ourselves with.


I offered no such thing.

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I know and understand but I’m afraid you may give them ideas

Nothing we do or say influences those sociopaths.

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