The State of The Arsenal

Craig has been waiting for weeks to claim we’re a better candidate to push City than Liverpool.

Dude has a crush on Rice.

No surprise that Frank and Mario said Liverpool. Frank hates us and Mario has been pushing this this “they play nice football but they’re not winners narrative” every time he has covered Arsenal.

Argh our staff is in demand.

How long before they try to poach Jover?!

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Crazy how young he is

I think he’ll stay. There’s still a lot of time for him to go into management. I think Mikel will convince him staying and growing with Arsenal is in his best interest for now.


Agreed. World’s his oyster at 28. Win the big ‘uns here then, if he wants to spread his wings, he’ll be able to look at a lot better than fucking Norwich.


Wow :arteta:


Can’t lie… the state of the Arsenal under Sir Mikel is pretty good.


Can’t lie… the state of the Arsenal under Sir Nicolas is pretty good.


Jover is the reason we’re in a title race tbh. Without his set piece tactics we’d likely be battling for top 4/5 as we don’t have a striker.
Set Pieces have become our striker this season :grin:

You don’t need a 20 goal No.9

City are the only club in the top 4 that has one.

We get loads of set piece situations because we’re such an attacking team so it seems strange that it took so long to get an expert in to use them to our advantage, but it’s certainly worked.

After being the embarrassment of the PL in converting set pieces to goals under Wenger. It’s glorious to see we now bang in one after the other

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And that is why they are going to win the league :slight_smile:

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You probably need a 20 goal a season player though! Liverpool have one and so do City. Both Haaland and Salah will be closer to 30 than 20 at that.

If we wanna be technical about this, City have walked the league multiple times before without an out and out striker.

Even this season, City have started this run they’re on while Haaland was out.

The key to do that is to share the goals, and for that we’re a point of reference for teams around the world.

And instead they went and signed a 30 goal striker :sweat_smile:

Well, of course. Because they could. Once you reach that point you can only improve so much.

If you have the opportunity to sign the best young forward in the game and next global superstar, you do that.

l In our last five PL games we’ve beaten:

Crystal Palace 5-0 H
Nottingham Forest 2-1 A
Liverpool 3-1 H
West Ham 6-0 H
Burnley 5-0 A

Played 5, Won 5, Goals 21, Against 2, Points 15.

In the previous five PL games:

Lost to Aston Villa 1-0 A
Won Brighton 2-0 H
Draw Liverpool 1-1 A
Lost West Ham 2-0 H
Lost Fulham 2-1 A

Won 1, Draw 1, Lost 3, Scored 4, Against 8, Points 4.

We seem to be doing what Man City do almost every season, what’s going on?