The State of The Arsenal

I think City rip them to shreds. Ange ball won’t match up well, its far too open.

We are 3 points worse than last year after 10 rounds but we have less goals conceded, two, and one goal more scored, we won against City and heavily rotated squad in PL comparin to last year where we were playing same 11 for ages and run them to ground by the end of the season.

So IMO we are in much better state than last season after 10 games.


At least NOT worse.

We played two different styles and still able to maintain the results… Great job Arteta and everyone


Yeah, I mean last season’s start was ridiculous really and I think it was a club record. Although we haven’t been as fluid or convincing, it does seem like we are trying to be able to win a bit differently and there’s also that element of teams knowing we are good now and knowing our style.

I think pretty much all of us would have taken 8 wins and 2 drawd from 10 games and a win over City thrown in if we were offered it at the start of the season.


Spurs last year after 10 games

Can’t complain and no one should complain.

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We’re not worse. We have clearly, deliberately, given up some of our free flowing attacking play to exert more control over games, and I think that will prove more sustainable over the course of a season even if we pick up injuries.

We already have seen the squad handle injuries better than last year.


That Tifo video was excellent analysis. Best video from them about us in a while!

This weekend’s away fixture at Newcastle is a MASSIVE MASSIVE game.

For me it’s slightly below the NLD and playing City in importance for the season. I think this season is the season for us to do the business—even more so than last year.

Gotta make a statement on Saturday.


Can’t wait for “Actual PL Champions(xPoints)”

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That was us in 2016 btw when Leicester won the league.


Kind of wild when you consider a lot of the goals we actually did concede were horrible mistakes.


This! We’ve literally handed the opposition free goals so many times, I wonder what our GD and GA really would be if we could cut that crap out.

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Very positive sign defensively the quality and amount of chances we give up is so low.

didn’t we have some sort of imaginary “if all ref decisions were correct”-table posted here once or twice :sweat_smile: a few seasons ago maybe

Would be interesting to see the same stats but for the first half or so of last season when we wwre flying and also had Saliba fit.

Yes, I was surprised by this stat when I first heard/read about it but then I suppose the drop in our attacking potency has something to do with this. But if that’s the case, then how do we know how much of this is due to Raya and how much due to change in tactics.

1 point clear

Let’s go