The State of The Arsenal


Some of those new designs are superb. I will miss the legends motif though.

For what it’s worth i’d rate the jan transfer window 7/10. Course I hope that improves as games go on. Not overspent, got some positions where we needed more quality/depth. And Jan is a tough month to do business without throwing every penny at someone that a club doesn’t want to let go. Just not overly excited by the names coming in.

A sabitzer loan? or kante instead? Views…

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The state is such that I now want a Spurs win over City tomorrow.

Hope this was our boys underestimating Everton rather than a sign of a loss of momentum we had… pull yourself together lads :tierney2:

You didn’t before?

I’d never want a Spurs or Feyenoord win unless it’s necessary for a title win.

If we had won our game today, I would want a draw.

Beginning of the end. Two losses on the bounce, it was nice while it lasted boys #artetaout :santi:

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Think once we follow it up with a drab 0-0 at home to Brentford and getting spanked 0-4 by City at home after an early Saliba red card we can break out the A4 paper signs.

Gone scoreless in 3 of our last 6 games in all competitions, until then I think it was scoreless 1 in about 20 odd, I pray this isn’t a trend we’re starting to develop.

2 of those against the best defences in the prem with our main striker out.

Not worried tbh

We will be okay :+1:t5: expectations are to win more home games where the fans are the extra impetus we need - also its only the 2nd game lost :disappointed: who gives a fck !? The lads can and will do better.

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State still good.

Maybe exposed a chink in our armour that we struggled so badly when they defended wide and we couldn’t exploit it centrally, we’ll see. Also they had that new manager good spirit boost bump thing. We looked a bit tired perhaps, maybe that’s the worry but we got a couple of players in who just joined, so yeah, we’ll see.

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Shouldn’t have looked tired, more than half of them hadn’t started a game for 13 days.


State is fine atm. Drop points to Brentford and I’ll actually be worried.

It was a bad day for the players and the coach.

I remember the Ravens getting absolutely waxed ten years ago by Houston and then going on to win the Super Bowl. Shit happens, it’s just annoying that the media narrative will be cranked up to 11.

5 points clear of City ( 1 game in hand )
8 points clear of United ( 1 game in hand )
10 clear of Newcastle ( 1 game in hand )
11 clear of Spurs ( 2 games in hand )
20 clear of Chelsea ( 1 game in hand )
21 clear of Liverpool

February 5 and that is the state of Arsenal.


In any other season, City would have taken advantage of our slip up against Everton and we would have been under pressure going into our next game. So maybe things are favouring us this season. Like they say, you always need a bit of luck to win the title.

Having said that, the game against Everton was the first this season where our attacking threat was nullified to a large extent. Other teams will no doubt try the same. Mikel has to find some answers and quickly. We just have to bounce back against Brentford. Cannot show weakness now cause as atypical as City have been so far, you don’t want to keep leaving the door open.


Bit worried.

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That’s a weird way to look at things.


It’s such a bullshit stat which is evidenced by the fact it uses “Premier League opposition” even though only two games were in the PL. Out of those 5 games there was the Man City game where we only lost 1-0 with a weakened team. And another was the Newcastle game against the best defence in the league and one where we dominated. The Everton game was really the only shocker in there.

Outside of that we put 4 past Brighton and 3 past United, both top 6 teams. Didn’t hear any dumb stats page saying we scored 7 goals in 2 games against Top 6 teams.


Yea a shit stat the City game was in the cup so doesn’t count, I prefer the stat which wasn’t mentioned, beating Utd and spurs to remain 5 points clear at the top of the table.

That’s a nonsense stat given that one of those matches was against City in the cup. We’ve scored plenty of goals.