The State of The Arsenal

Was so hoping they would’ve had at least a couple up this weekend. Real shame.

I just can’t get over how the media narrative about Arsenal has gone from “they haven’t played anyone yet” to “they have to play City twice” without missing a beat.

Just look at this opening paragraph from ESPN.

The Premier League title is Arsenal’s to lose, and if they continue to pass every test of their credentials, they will become champions for the first time since 2004. But Mikel Arteta’s team are not there yet and the looming shadow of Manchester City is beginning to envelope the club’s ambitions.

Come the fuck on. Mark Ogden, what a joke.

It’s just selling the product though.


Just over a year ago now. The quality we produced in that first half is what we produce in nearly every game now. We’ve grown so much.


To be fair, the City games are the litmus test to see if we will have a realistic chance at winning the league.

Don’t see anything wrong with the article really. :man_shrugging:t4:

I think now we have dispatched Spurs twice, Utd, Chelsea away and Pool at home we have shown that we are genuinely a very good team.

It might be a litmus test in terms of convincing doubters/affecting the mainstream narrative but it’s not like if we lose those games we are automatically not realisitc contenders.

I’m still struggling to accept it fully but I think after half a season and doing what we have done, I think you have to say we are for real.


I think it’s less about our man to man ability against City or that we are a genuinely good team, it’s more the fact that it’s a good chance for them to erode our lead.

If we come away with anything from 2 draws, 1W1L, 1W1D, 2 wins then it’ll be very different and people will have to admit we are in pole position.


In fact, we don’t really need to beat City to win it all.
A tie is good enough to stop them narrowing the gap and gaining points.
The pressure is on them, they need to win.

Of course, it will be great to give them a spank.

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The table is a neat visual, but “half our games in the second half of the season are against teams in the bottom half of the table, and half are at home” kinda sounds like exactly what I’d expect :grin:


They’ve miscounted, it’s 11/19.

I agree with you, but I do understand the sentiment of such articles. City are our main threat and we have yet to play them twice in the league. Once we have done that we will have a much clearer picture of our chances.

It’s looking great as it is, though.

Liverpool away
Chelsea home
Newc away
The two city games

The only ones I’d be less than fully confident in. Fulham away could provide a shock but I’d expect to still beat them.

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Villa away three days after the first City match is another potentially tricky one.

Looking at the graph I’m even more confident our home games will be our bread and butter on the run home.

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It’s the games that you don’t expect that usually have banana leaves. Our worst league performance this season was Leeds, a game where we should have thrashed them but ended being mostly Leeds, we scored pretty much our only chance and they had a penalty that thankfully they missed.
Southampton the next week too. They were on a terrible form. We actually played well in the first half, scored early and should have killed the game off. Some dodgy refereeing and a leggy second half performance led to our first draw of the season.

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Yeah looking at it I honestly think we’ll be undefeated at home

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Controversial opinion here we go! :joy:

I think we will match the invincibles points total of 90


It’s not that far fetched tbh, 40 points from our last 19 required, would be disappointing if we don’t from here imo.