The Randomly Nothing thread


YouTubers are not even funny.
This chick is one of the top YouTubers but hear her cringey jokes.

I don’t expect women to be funny but come on.

Think their popularity is because of kids & teenagers.


:fire: :fire: :fire:


@Cristo more evidence of women never lying about rape.


Did you not recently link us to some absolutsly silly YouTube cunts?


Nah great banter please share some more with us all


Oh that video was pretty solid in terms of this new pronoun malarkey. Maybe I should have known the audience wouldn’t grasp it .

And the video was made by bunch of comics, not by single person which is basically how most of youtubers function rendering them with limited script.

And why do you get so upset about all this so much?


Oh yeah I’m really upset by some unfunny youtubers. Feeling very triggered rn


Well definitely over the top reaction for competely mundane post.

I have a theory that your innate tendency to white knight kicked in when I posted that video of false rape accusation but that is a discussion for some other day. See ya.


Fucking hell don’t even remember any of this. Posting on your way home at 6am isn’t the best of ideas haha


I was going to say, the first two posts I read this morning were you telling Calum to fuck off and calling SDGooner a cunt :grin:


Ffs, now I really don’t remember that… @SDGooner I apologise, hopefully it was said in jest :facepalm:


You also said m8 instead of mate in the Wilshere thread.


Right this has to be the most random phone notification ever. The fuck?! :joy::joy:



Here’s an idea about who “Logan Paul” is. Don’t worry, someone else has re-uploaded his video so you’re not giving him any more or views by watching this.

He’s a wanker of ENORMOUS proportions. Somehow he makes like $150,000 a month by doing this shit.


Apropos of nothing, I’d just like to remind everyone of the time we made LondresTopo’s posts invisible to everyone and he didn’t realise for months afterwards and carried on posting.




Probably the best one lol.


I’d forgotten about that moment with Leia, possibly the cheesiest moment in the whole movie! Although let’s face it there’s a lot of competition for that unwanted accolade :sunglasses:


Arsecast extra is 1hr 30 this week :joy::joy:

At least us being really shit means good arsecasts ha


How you coping without gunnerblog being on it?