The Randomly Nothing thread


Oooh yes, the random irrelevant thread is back.

Randomally came across the early 90s TV hit, Saved by the Bell earlier, first time in many years, Reminded me of @morrisc311 :wink:

Your Top 5 TV Shows?
Liverpool thread
Pictures of OA members
The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Is the nothing thread and random stuff thread not the same thing? lol


We had a random stuff thread? Well, they felt like the same thing so whatever :smiley:


@Mysty is gonna get his merge on :slight_smile:


But I’ve got nothing to merge Shambo, it’s all been left behind. No chance to be Mergey Mysty for a good while I suspect :santi:


[quote=“Mysty, post:3, topic:366, full:true”]

Mysty you posted in the very same thread on Sunday on here lol


FFS, I’m such a spanner :arteta: :facepalm:


Hence my merging suggestion :slight_smile:


looks like you have your first merge :wink:


My excuse is everything feels so new here, it’s easy to forget what we have so far :smiley:

I guess we may as well merge after all then!


Only three people have this badge. Two of them being me :sunglasses: :wink:


I could easily disable this if you prefer :wenger:


Don’t be jealous @Mysty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Never… I’ve got a Gold Anniversary badge :ramsey:


My Higuain post is on 9 and Who am I post is on 8. Not. Even. Jealous.

*(Thats post 12 in the Higuain thread and post 51 in the Who are you thread in case anybody was wondering… Seriously check them out)




And all was as it was meant to be in the land of OA :slight_smile:


Which mod will get the first merger badge???


Mysty has it sewn up mate. Im not even competing.


At least @shamrockgooner will earn the @Luca_from_Italy multi post merger badge :wink: