The Randomly Nothing thread


Don’t like it :disappointed:

The American guy on yesterday is alright tbf but that guy last week I only lasted for the first twenty minutes couldn’t bear his voice any longer :joy:


Mike Dean gets around. Hanging with the rappers :sunglasses:


Here’s Conor McGregor and Richard Branson at some conference thing…yea I dunno wtf either. Branson is in decent shape for a man of his years.


The guy’s probably already cloned himself.


That probably is the clone


Went for a run, overdid it by doing 20KM;
Met a man who was contemplating walking about 500KM. Weird dude or really poor.
and then came across one of worst car wrecks I have ever seen.


The car hit a pole they believe, toppled over and the speed of impact was so hard the engine came out & fell 10 meters away.

I went home & watched 2 hours of Border Collie.
I wanna adopt border collie :frowning:

Interesting day.


Reminded me of this


What? :laughing:
Never saw that before.


Great advert, that tune is a banger as well


lol, of all the cars to try an mould and sculpt for yourself, nope not a lambo or ferrari but a Peugeot 206!


See you guys. I am done with Arsenal after watching Liverpool playing so well.


I don’t blame you man. RAWK is way better than this dump. I hope you have fun supporting your new club :+1:


I am not supporting Liverpool. Just fed up with Arséne Mugabe FC.


4th time this season you’re stopping to watch Arsenal? Might as well make it a weekly event now :rofl:


Losing to a fucking bunch of fruit is enough.


Why would you want to stop watching Arsenal?! It’s the best comedy show on TV! It must be up for a BAFTA this year!


Taking a shit is funnier.


The best thing about you recently berating @Calum for his negativity so much is that I knew your next meltdown was potentially only a few games away


FFS MAN! We lost against some fucking cherries. They were even rotten and bitter.