The Randomly Nothing thread


Wine, spanish champagne, and the obvious.


Wow, Geordie, right in the feels bro. :frowning:


Everyone knows the Paul brothers are vile attention whoring little shitbags. The sooner they are forgotten the better.


Phone contract was up so just got a 30 day rolling sim upgrade as I wanted to keep my phone. Went from 1GB to 10GB data for less money :sunglasses:


You were surely going way over that every month.


How did you not go over 1 GB ? My plan is 15 GB, which I rarely come close to using it all but still.


Ha tbh before I started in my current job I hardly ever used data was always using WiFi even outside. So the 1GB did me the odd time I used it.

Need it desperately now lol as i use it at lunch so have had to ration it to last the month since I started there in August :joy: Sometimes failing as I went over it on three months running in August September and October :see_no_evil:


I have 1GB per day on one SIM and 20GB per month on another SIM. However you survived the month on 1GB, I certainly wouldn’t be able to.


I’m on 16GB and it’s barely enough most months lol


I’m on 10 GB and only just make it. I use a lot on the commute to work. Thank fuck Netflix have the download option now, which saves me a lot of bandwith.

Feels like the more bandwith we get, the bigger and higher quality images and videos online become :smiley:


There used to be a time when I could survive on 3GB. Now at times I consume that in couple of days.


So this internet thing is here to stay, huh?


yep but I don’t think being addicted to it is. 10-15 more years tops in western countries, then comes the backlash.


I can’t see it. We’ve practically blended with technology, there is no going back.


Then we should go full Borg hive mind imo, this half-arsed in-between thing where a good portion of our species can’t wait to put dumb arse goggles on their faces to play Sims in VR all day long, flailing about in the living room, is weak.


That will happen eventually.


Who are they? Or is it a waste of my time even finding out :eyes:


Yes, I know of them and their controversy but whenever I see something about them I refuse to click the link. Fuck that not giving any clicks to shit heads like that.


Just don’t waste your time.


“Celebrity” you tubers.

Absolutely not worth your time investigating. I hate this YouTube/Instagram famous culture that’s popped up.