The Randomly Nothing thread


Big Fedora?


Close enough to a ManUre kit for me. Twat.


Maybe a Trilby?


The. Best.


What’s that from?


The greatest TV show ever, The Peep Show


Peep Show. It’s brilliant, watch it.


Cool, gonna check it out.


I don’t know why but the addition of The makes it sound like a very, very, different type of show :smile:


What a bunch of bhenchods @Trion @JakeyBoy


You’ve watched Brit programmes before yet never even heard of/seen Peep Show? :open_mouth::hushed: Honestly think not a day goes by without a PS quote popping into my head. :smiley:

Just one of the things I love about it is that it’s brilliantly funny and doesn’t use a laugh track.



Just got these wireless headphones from Argos as I was sick of cables. Sound so good :heart_eyes: Only £30 aswell!


JVC. Keeping it real!!

Bet they’re shite though for thirty blips. That said I haven’t spent more than a tenner on headphones…ever. :slight_smile:


Actually there not! Could hear instantly how good the bass is. Proper crisp sound quality aswell. Really good bargain tbf.

Would agree with you on the price etc never went over £10 before this one as I wanted a good quality wireless pair for a decent price. ie not beats :joy:


Happy anniversary to the Drip Doctors/Nasri saga




In light of the legendary George Weah becoming the president of Liberia (:joy:) I thought this was quite a cool article of sports stars and politics;


Stormzy v The Daily Mail :rofl:


Stormzy says it how it is haha