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It is possible to think that the story above is totally fucked up (I’ll take it as a given that it’s true and ignore the source being the Daily Mail) and still think that there are serious issues with our justice system that mean that a lot of women do not get justice when they are raped or sexually assaulted.

You seem like a good guy who I would think respects women, but you make a post like the above and it reads like some an MRA, red pill reddit dick.


Man 2 years of social torment for that poor guy.
And that tag will never go.
No matter what evidence is presented, once accused public will always see him with doubt.

I hope the accuser is imprisoned for destroying a young man’s life.


That’s why I included the Channel 4 link.

I am a good guy that respects women, but I feel that in society and mainstream media the vilification of men is reaching such a unpalatable point that cases like these where there are huge miscarriages of justice against men still need to be pointed out just to remind people that men are also mistreated and that the patriarchy doesn’t just give every man a free pass to do everything he wants. Those lawyers say there are numerous cases like this where police have been under pressure to please special interest groups so they go out to try and increase the number of rape convictions and end up cutting corners to get convictions. That is appalling. That man still has worth and rights despite being a man.

This guy could have been in prison for 12 years for something he didn’t do, is that girl that vindictively accused him going to go to jail? Will she face any repercussions for trying to ruin his life? Absolutely not.

It also highlights another issue, which is that of the media publicly naming and shaming defendants before their guilt or innocence has been proven. This guy will have this rape accusation stuck to his name for the rest of his life, just because he broke up with a girl and it pissed her off.

I’ve always been a big proponent of equality but until society starts looking at the plight of many men and the unfairly skewed issues many men face, we will never have a fair society. We can’t have a fair and equal society if the only platform and medium we use to advance that cause is Feminism because feminism is about just fighting for women.

Ideally we’d just need to have humanism or

I find it ironic that Feminism is given a free pass when it’s extremist outliers say #killallmen (which was a thing) but MRA is instantly tarnished and denigrated because of a few red pill nutters (I’m sure you’ll have seen my posts treating red pill with disdain on the forum). It’s as if men aren’t allowed to support each other or speak out about the issues that men face without being mocked and suppressed, simply by virtue of being men.


Hah #killallmen is a real thing. Just checked.
Not as bad as I thought though or perhaps I didn’t dig deep.


It was worse a couple years ago. Some of it was tongue in cheek, some of it wasn’t. Even then I highly doubt men would have been able to get away with #KillAllWomen tongue in cheek haha


Heh. Well to be fair. I am currently on a misogynistic phase and I have made jokes towards female colleagues about getting rid of women and equipping Amazon Alexa with a vagina.

They do get triggered but mostly laugh it off. Craziness is mostly on internet.
That tongue in cheek certainly won’t cut it on Internet.


Yeah you make some fair points there (there is stuff I disagree with too but I don’t think either one of us want a big debate about gender politics on Xmas eve haha), and as I said, that story is totally fucked up, its just the “HAHA LOLZ RAPE CULTURE” tone of that particular post that I think seems in bad taste considering the fact that there always has been and still is an issue with many women not getting justice after being raped or sexually assaulted.

I did also try to make it clear that I’m not accusing you of being an awful bloke or actually being a red piller etc, cos I do think better of you than that.

Believe it or not, I would still fund it distasteful if a woman came in here and replied to tour post saying “haha guess that just evens things out LOLZ better luck next time man pig” :grinning:


23 new notifications since my last visit here. Talk about not having a fuck to do :xhaka: :mustafi:


How is that possible with you?
Were you sleeping till late?


No, you curry. Was out with friends. Don’t have time to a have dig like you against a chorizo boy.


Haha yeah that’s fair enough, and I appreciate that!

You’re right, my tone was overly incendiary and reactionary. Definitely a bit of a knee jerk after spending an hour looking into that case and getting quite incensed. I had one girl on Facebook saying that just because they had evidence of her saying it wasn’t against her will, doesn’t stop it from being rape because women can retract consent after the act which probably didn’t help when I wrote my reply haha

I think this is a pretty good place to leave it at. Despite our political differences I know we’d get along really well if we ever met at an Arsenal game haha I’m actually a really moderate guy, I’m a Lib Dem after all :joy: Well, I would be if I could vote in the GE.


What the actual fuck. Is this true?


You’d be surprised by how many feminists believe this to be true.

You have to be REALLY into Feminism to genuinely believe in it, but it’s called “retroactively withdrawing consent”. But it essentially makes everyone who’s ever had sex into a potential rapist.


Reminds me of this poster from a couple years ago that went around. It’s from a University in California, I thought it was fake the first time I saw it, but apparently it’s not. :eyes:


Fucking bullshit naming and shaming me without trial, I could lose my fucking job


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