The Randomly Nothing thread


Have this OCD that if I have a bad day wearing certain clothes I associate them with that day and most times don’t wear it again, my life is quite average with not many highs and lows lol but when it does happen the rare time in my wardrobe I’m like nah… not wearing that


I just don’t like wires, you can’t get out of bed. I’m not sure your assessment that you don’t have ocd as bad as me was accurate. :smile:


You’re a fucking monster


That’s genius. That 7 extra mins will allow me to complete my dreams.


I can get out of bed… just only at an acceptable time.


Quality street is amazing.

That is all


You’ve just become my favourite person


Poundland’s social media campaign is brilliant. Yesterday they caused a furore with this…

Today they’ve posted this…

A few days ago…


Hahaha that is some grade a shit posting from Poundland


We can be friends if you don’t eat Bounty in celebrations box


Can you swiftly get out of this thread please?

Many thanks,


All that sugar, coating a sweet filling with no real substance, all wrapped up in a tinsel coloured layer of film, loved by millions, is just too saccharine, and after a few minutes leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.

But the Quality Street and Quality Feet are fine.


Wtf are these bootleg ass candies ya’ll talking about in here? See’s candy is the only viable option, dankkkkk af.


Thought you were talking about me there for a minute

But thanks for your approval, it’s really important to me that people like my Christmas socks :grin:



We call it chocolate, I think you’ve got a shit version that people call Hershey’s


Nah man fuck hershey’s shits weak, we got see’s candy…dank


Pretty fucking shocking failure by the police. I hope Liam Allan sues and wins.

This woman is a certifiable badass and a fantastic lawyer. What a shocking failure by the police.

‘When I took on his case, I defended Liam as if he were my own son because if this can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.’

‘These cases are not in isolation. I have ongoing cases which have a frighteningly similar pattern to Liam’s, and so do many of my colleagues in chambers. I have had previous cases where material has been disclosed at the 11th hour over something fundamental.

‘If we hadn’t examined that disc of downloads, it could have been a very different story for Liam. Even worse, there are other men, just like him languishing in jail right now.

‘Absolutely, there will be individuals who’ve had trials where material wasn’t disclosed. They may not even know it existed.’

‘I don’t know if it’s because of economics and funding cuts or a mindset in the police that if they have a “victim”, that victim needs justice and the only way to obtain that is to secure a conviction.’


Saw that young man on This Morning the other day (lol) and was disgusted with this. The prosecutor at the end of that clip had it spot on “he was very lucky to have been represented by you.” She basically saved his life.

The prosecutor couldn’t stop pointing though, I found that funny. :smiley:


It’s that famed patriarchal, rape culture rearing it’s ugly head again to oppress women and support violent men :joy: