The Randomly Nothing thread



You’re all weird, apart from @Stroller I’m with him on the Lindt. Those Lindt balls are my favourites :ok_hand:

We’re not mates. I don’t associate with perplexing folk :sunglasses:


I love chocolate but if i am going to graze on something sweet these are my go to’s:


Too many nasty flavours in those, I end up leaving about a third of them


My friends bought me some prank jelly beans with horrendous flavors. Dog food, rotten eggs, and grass clippings plus some others I can’t remember lmao was pretty awesome.


Lol, I like most of them only ones I am not overly fond of is the hot cinnamon and licorice. I have always liked chewy stuff like jelly beans fruit gums and American hard gums etc.



For @JakeyBoy

The perfect night. Love Actually, Quality Street and Quality Feet.


Go on, show us a bit of ankle


I’ve already shown everyone on here my cleavage (accidentally), I think the ankle would be going too far…


For God’s sake woman get a cable tidy or a unit that at least hides the mess!


Glad you’re having a nice night in mate.

Thank God you’ve got socks on too


Do you have OCD?


Yes, I’m sure that I do in some ways. Don’t you?


I do on a lot of things, but clearly not as bad as you.

I remember watching a David Beckham video (that is how long ago it was) that my grandad bought me from Old Trafford when I was about 8/9. Becks used to share a flat with Robbie Savage. And Savage showed us round the kitchen - in the fridge were lots of cans of Diet Coke, and Savage said, “if Becks wants one and i don’t, he has to drink 2 because he hates odd numbers”

I don’t know why I remember that, but I do.


Must have grown out of it seeing as he played pretty his whole career as either no. 7 or no. 23


Good point. Never thought about that. He honestly said that though. Victoria said a similar thing in her autobiography too. Perhaps it’s just seeing things in front of him he hates - or maybe he just wants to beat the demons :grin:

Actually I do the same thing to be fair, in the morning for example, I wait until it gets to half past, or 20 to etc, to get out of bed. If it is 7.37 for example, I am like, nah. But my favourite numbers are 5 and 7.


My alarms are gonna trigger you pretty hard


–Not having your volume on a number ending 5 or 0.

Choose one. :no_mouth: