The Randomly Nothing thread


Lol well played


UK… :ok_hand:


How do I learn what human meat tastes like? … never going to Spain again :grin:


This was my show! :smiley:


Damn his reenactment of his character makes me want to watch that show again.


Sigh, placed it on download.


Joshua was nailed on 1/8 for SPOTY, and he didn’t even make top 3! Can’t trust the British public to do anything right. Note the gender split, too… :eyes:

Another W for Arsenal, though.


Never heard of seven people in that list. Froomey lost a few votes over the last couple of days you would imagine but still 2.5 times more popular than kane :smile:


Hamilton that low, wtf. Greatest British F1 driver ever after this season.


Yeah but people think he’s a knob.


Since Hamilton was found to be avoiding paying tax in the country he grew up in, people seem to have gone off him.
Perhaps he has more of a chance of winning the Sports Personality Of The Year in Switzerland.

Although he hasn’t really got much of a personality, so he might be a slight disadvantage.





That didn’t happen


In a tin of celebrations the best one has to be the malteasers teaser. Why do the others even turn up?!


Nah, it’s all about Quality Street. Celebrations are just everyday chocolates that you can buy in bar form any day of the year.


Quality Street are just rubbish, one of the worst time of chocolate. Phoebs your Christmas opinions are rubbish mate


Quality Street are a waste of everybody’s time, apart from Toffee Penny that is. :ok_hand:


Its a pity they dont do tins of Lindt tbh.


The brown Ferrero Rocher :drooling_face: Unfortunately they only come in collections and the others are shit.