The Randomly Nothing thread


I was thinking Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Mayfair - that kind of thing :wink:

I really can’t wait to pay £800 a month for the privilege of living in a roach infested, mouldy house-share with 4 others :rofl:


Enjoy! :laughing:


Not that big of a shock to me finding players ages, I’m same age as Bellerin so I’m in good company. Still got potential


Enjoy your time but they pass by quickly & just like that you will become GunnerWoman.


Wondering if Arsenal will get a sleeve sponsor, and if so wonder who it will be.


I didn’t think we were allowed? Because of the deal we have with Emirates


That is the stadium sponsor and main shirt sponsor though, didnt think it would have much bearing on a sleeve sponsor…but might be a factor dont know. Anyone know anything about this?


Pretty sure the deal we signed means we can’t have any other sponsor on our shirt. We’re not allowed to have a special training shirt sponsor either. Poor business by us really.


if true then fucking hell its a good thing we have better negotiators now because that is pisspoor no wonder the club is in such a mess if we are doing shit deals like that, we are intentionally and purposefully limiting ourselves and on top of it getting a really poor price for the deal too.


Sleeve sponsors weren’t allowed when our deal was signed. There was no indication they were going to be. It’s an unfortunate thing for us that we can’t take advantage of it but I don’t think it’s terrible negotiating. For all we know we got an extra couple of mil for that guarantee.


i guess so, but i dont think we got a really good deal out of them either because the stadium naming rights were chucked in for free and they closing amount on the deal if i can remember was quite poor considering what they are getting…something like 20m a season if i can remember rightly


Doesn’t it seem a bit short sighted to give Emirates absolute exclusivity, though? The new contract was only signed in 2012.

Also, Hamburg have a sleeve sponsor and they’re sponsored by Emirates too. Apparently Emirates “resigned from their exclusive right” for them.


Well like I say it depends on the terms and what have you. Interesting about Hamvurg. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit though if we just didn’t want sleeve sponsors…






Who’d have thought prosecco, whiskey, lager, tequila and jagerbombs would leave me feeling bad today?

My worst hangovers are always caused by mixing shit and not eating any dinner, and I keep repeating that same mistake. I’d had at least four shots of tequila and five or more pints (the prosecco and whiskey happened when we were still in the office) and I’m like, “yeah Jagerbombs are a great idea” lol


Basil Brush is on The Chase. :giroud3:


Relocation bonus. Forgot what things were like in the 1st world. Not even sure that even exists here in Spain lol.



I’ve been away from England for 37 years, and Basil hasn’t aged a bit.