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Lmao. All these high school movies are somewhat accurate, however yeah they are exaggerated a bit. Most of the kids at my high school were cool, I went to a smaller one and most people were respectful of one another. Not really any “mean girls” type of situations. Yes there are really popular kids, I’m surprised to hear that it’s not like that over in your kneck of the woods? The popular kids are just like in the movies, the handsome sports star and the hot cheerleader is pretty typical.

As far as the prom goes, yes there is a prom king and queen. In fact every year there is also a football game that corresponds with a dance called “homecoming”. I was nominated for homecoming king one year but I didn’t win the vote :grin: The kids are the ones doing the voting so yeah the popular kids usually win it. Interestingly enough at my senior prom my best friend was prom king and our best girl friend was queen. He is gay and we had all been best buds since our first year, just interesting because as you pointed out he was not your typical prom king lol.

So tldr is that yeah what you see in those movies is for the most part how it really is. So my question to you is what is the high school (?) experience like over in England?


So was that you? :grin:

It’s pretty dull in comparison over here. We have to wear a uniform, so everyone looks the same. There is no walking around in your football kit and leaving lessons early to go to a game. There is no packed “terraces” at sport games. The football team were lucky if even their own parents turned up to watch them!

Some schools have a prom at the end of their last school year now but it never used to be a thing. The popular kids stuff isn’t really a thing either. There will be some kids who everyone knows of - not always for a good reason though, lol, - but no obvious labels.


Fucking robbed. :bellerin:


Yeah that’s really strange that the dynamic can be so different over here. The uniforms probably help, and also our car culture I think has a lot to do with it. Everyone drives so the privileged children usually have nice cars and nice clothes and I guess at that age the image of the handsome star quarterback who drives the nice car can do a lot for you in terms of popularity lol. And no that definitely wasn’t me, I didn’t play any sports in school. I hung out with the stoner/surfer/musician types, never smoked weed in my life tho :grinning:

Come to think of it though, there is a teenie high school movie where they talk about all the different little cliques and it’s definitely true. Jocks, geeks, preps, band geeks, stoners, drama club ppl, and the list goes on.


Incredible :joy:


Is it this?


Anyone get a surreal shock when they find out a football players age? I feel, for some reason, that they are all older than me but after looking them up on Wikipedia or some other source and finding out they’re 3, 5, 8 years younger than you, totally flips it for me. I’m only 29 y/o and feel like I’m 18 still, if that makes any literal sense to anyone?


I’m 35 so obviously dreading Buffons upcoming retirement. :pensive:


Yes I am exactly the same. I feel like I’m about the same age as Emre Can when really I’m like 7 years older than him.

I only realised last week when the media talk about “young people”, they’re not talking about me any more.


Growing old sux :frowning:


I’m the same age as Theo Walcott… and he is an aspiring youngster with potential… so i’m still a spring chicken :sunglasses:


I still think of Walcott, Chamberlain and Wilshere as young players with potential, yet they are probably as good as they are going to get.


I had that feeling but once I got the 30 tag,that delusion went away.


I still feel young but at 25 I’m old as fuck and I’m basically entering my twilight years now.



I hear ya. I get that with Mustafi more than anyone strangely. Whenever I remember that he is 25 it weirds me out. He’s two years younger than me and is a multimillionaire, to add insult to injury he can even grow a beard that’s superior to mine. Like let me have that one thing you selfish bastard


Hahaha exactly that man, them darned feels :gunnersaurus:


Haha. Mustafi cracks me up. Guy looks minimum 35.


How about Diego Costa? He’s 29 but looks about 49!

Danny Ings always gets me, he is still only 25!


I’m moving to London in the summer!

Just accepted a job offer starting in the summer, which is cool. I might actually start being able to go to Arsenal games now because I’ll actually be in London!! Maybe it’ll turn out that I’m a good luck talisman and we’ll win the league the first season I start going to games on the reg, so if any of you lot need someone to come to a game with you/warm your empty seat for you I’ll be all ears.

One slightly ominous sign is that they’re paying me a relocation bonus, which feels to me a portent of extremely high moving expenses :weary: I take it finding a flat, deposit, rent up front etc. all adds up a fair bit in London eh?


You could say that… Depends on the area you’ll be living in too. Chelsea, I take it? :sunglasses: