The Randomly Nothing thread


Pretty sure TV peaked at that point. Everything since then has gone downhill.




Don’t worry, Puddytat. Just drop a shoulder and zip by him.


Yes Andy! :joy::joy:

Parody of this tweet from Trump


wtf… :eyes:



Don’t know how true this is but :laughing:


She looked better before.
It just shows how unscrupulous and greedy the people she paid to do this are.


If she’s stupid enough to want it why shouldn’t a cosmetic surgeon attempt to give it to her?

“Sorry miss but I already find you very attractive, therefore I cannot attempt to make you look like Angelina Jolie.” :thinking:


Yeah, fuck being competent at what you do or proud of your work or anything.


Think it’s more about ethics really, girl is obviously pretty fucked in the head. No surgeon should have ok’ed more surgery on her after a certain point.

Poor girl.


Indeed, but y’know, $$$$$$$$$.


All about capacity and consent innit


She looks like she is from the nightmare before Christmas or Michele Jackson from thriller


Well there is something called ‘Body dysmorphic disorder’ that exist wherein a person has an obsession that some aspect of his or her appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. (Wikipedia)

So in a way these cosmetic surgeons might be leeching on someone’s instinctual desire rather than an actual logical desires.


Crazy stuff… she just needed a good makeup kit and she would’ve been fine. Angelina Jolie is quite easy to look like so i’m confused at the decision for surgery. Looking like one of the Kardashians is more suitable for surgery. Even I could look like a BTEC version of her :joy:


*For tweets see posts

@Luca_from_Italy :wink:




That’s us isn’t it lads? @Kaner and @Arsenal4thetreble


Lol, pretty much yeah :joy:


What i am about to ask is totally what this thread is for.

Was just watching Never Been Kissed on Netflix. I know. :rofl:

Anyway. A question for @Arsenal4thetreble or any other person who has American experience. I was wondering, what are American high schools really like? Do you really have “popular” kids? In most films the “cool” girl and boy who go to prom together happen to be prom king and queen. Is prom king and queen really a thing? Who votes?

I don’t like the non uniform thing, either, while we’re at it.