The Randomly Nothing thread


Sounds like you just hate tea tbh.


My grandparentsinlaw have tea like this, so I make them share a bag then I give myself the remainder bag time so I get like 1.33 magnitude tea. Good times.


Wonder how much a Lambo blessed by the Pope is worth…


That is a sexy lambo.

I guess this technically makes it a Pope Mobile or something.


When you hear a story reported like that and with those pictures, it makes you wonder what century we are actually living in.


The Catholic church will do anything for a bit of publicity nowadays


Day of reckoning for that piece of shit Robert Mugabe


Those PG Tips are dope,.my wife was even like wow dats goooood.


Get this. My sis-in-law makes tea like this: Puts milk in the bottom of the cup, puts in the teabag while the kettle boils, then adds the boiling water. About 10 seconds later the bag’s out of there and your tea is “ready”. No wonder I only drink coffee round there.


That’s not tea. That’s hot milk. :grin:


:slight_smile: Fuck, I’d rather drink hot milk than her “tea”.


Auctioning a Mambo #5 shirt for charity after it went viral lol


I like the colours of the shirt.


I know he’s a Chelsea player, but I Michy on Twitter


Agree with them being massive now but don’t agree with it loosening club ties.


True about FPL slightly, was happy when Salah scored twice but it won a top 4 rival the game lol. But that’s part of the fun of the game


I would definitely watch this!


I’m glad it hasn’t. I’d expect western television to find a way to ruin such a show.


I feel like that two minute clip is all I’d ever need to watch in fairness :slight_smile:


It’s no Hole in the Wall with Dale Winton, that’s for sure.