The Randomly Nothing thread



(no homo)


It does the job


It does the job, that’s it?? I want the best one!!



Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about


I know what I’m talking about. You paupers need to get yourselves to John Lewis.


Probably a good time to make a confession. I’m English and don’t like tea…


I can only tolerate ginger tea.
Anything else and I can’t get the aftertaste off my tongue.


Its worse. You’re English AND Irish (sort of) and you don’t like tea?!! :open_mouth:


Ha yeah, my mum and nan still try and force it on me. “Just try it, you’ll like this one”. No I won’t :roll_eyes:


How about coffee?


Not a massive fan but I don’t mind it. I like things like caramel lattes.


In other important news… Best headline of the day goes to…


that to me tastes weak, pg tips has a stronger taste to it, those to me tasted like pisswater!


You might need to leave the bag in a bit longer. I like a strong cuppa and it provides one.

That’s a pet peeve of mine, fuckers who practically only dunk the teabag in the water. I’d rather just not have a tea thanks


I usually just leave the bag in the whole time I’m drinking, is that not proper tea etiquette??


Sometimes have to double bag even


When you buy a tea at a coffee shop they always do that the cunts.

Overpriced boiling water with milk. Thanks mate. :xhaka:


The best tea was that served up in the transport cafes of yore. Pint mug of it, steaming hot, stand-yer-spoon-up-in-it quality. All these fucking nancy teas around now make me retch.


I take the tea bag out within 10 seconds. Hate strong tea.

*Waits for hate