The Randomly Nothing thread


The answer is probably no, but does anyone watch darts? The match I just watched was one of the best I have ever seen


Argh Mighty Mike sent home :yemen:


Didn’t think Cross would win that tbh, I thought he choked.


Final should be a good one


Taylor will be happy, he clearly has beef with MVG. When they asked who he would rather play in his last ever match, he said, “Barney should have won (against MVG), I would loved to have played him”.

Actually, I felt like Jamie Lewis was hard done by to be honest. That score flattered Taylor, JL had darts to win a few sets.


Mad game, Gerwen missed the chance to take the game a couple of times and got punished.


Actually saw Rob Cross when I went to Ally Pally last week - and a lot of people didn’t know who he was. Well…now you do…

Kinda happy that I saw the finalist. Even if I was too busy singing “he’s got a beer jug on his head” at the time





Incredible imagine seeing 2018 in twice lol


I have a degree and can do maths and everything, but i still struggle with the International Date Line :smile:


What is the best time to visit Ireland?
Does it have any cycling culture?


The cycling culture is that all motorists hate us.


Hate is nothing new to me.
But can I cycle through key locations of Ireland in 10 days?


That would very much depend on what you consider key locations. Dublin to cork for instance is probably 230km. What interests you about Ireland? History? Whiskey? Guinness? Potatoes? :slight_smile:


Landscape, I am assuming ‘it has plenty of open spaces to camp out’ and yes history. but mostly landscape. Seems like a really pretty country to be at during spring.

I wouldn’t have money to afford accomodation everyday so I will be camping out for half the time there.



Ok, check out Ring of Kerry, Beara Pensiulla and the burren. Would also recommend Achill island and Connemara but they are a good distance apart so not sure you’d get all in on on holiday. How are you cycling up hills? Plenty in those places I mention. You definitely want to focus on the West of the country though I would say.


Heh at this given moment I am not ready for any cycling challenges.
I have 45 months to prepare so will get my fitness to the point.

Let see. For now it is early days but I will get Ireland off my bucket list.


And the Giant’s Causeway!!!

And Limerick!! And Kilkenny!! And the Guiness factory in Dublin!!


and lots of doorsteps :eyes: