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Where are you going on mini retirement?

I’m not sure atm as I’m worried about the potential tax implications!

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Netflix one to keep an eye on. Cracking down on account sharing, which will no doubt lead to a mass exodus.

Why will it? Most people who share their password probably don’t charge the people they’re giving their password to. So if they’re unable to do that any more, then they lose nothing :woman_shrugging:

Or they pay for a subscription like the rest of us!

Families that share, people that might split the cost between them etc

There’s also better alternatives out there now, more competition, so quite a few will most likely see it as a perfect time to unsubscribe.

You can share with people in your household though.

And sure you might have a small minority of people splitting the cost with people outside their home, but I doubt it’s many. My Netflix is logged in on my mum’s TV for example, I certainly don’t call her asking her for £3.50 every month.

If I’ve got it right, the different IP address at your mum’s would mean you’d have to pay extra to use it there.

Netflix is definitely going to have a drop off in subscribers numbers, they did in Spain where the operation started early 2023.

There are platforms that offer a split service where one person’s account and sub fee is shared with others (not necessarily family and friends), so I reckon the drop off will continue, will see if it’s only marginal at the end of day,

Jeez, that’s a lot of revenue every month that they’ve lost out there if those figures in the article are correct. Be interesting to see the drop off for the second half of this year.

Yeah, I mean, I think the subscribers will go down anyway. Like you said there are alternatives out there and not as many people are interested in the products Netflix have to offer at the moment. They have just added all the Harry Potter films and things like Queen Charlotte are pretty popular I guess. But whether it’s enough :woman_shrugging:

I would never go back to that gym again :joy:

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That website is the worst site known to man. Pop-ups, autoplay videos, lots of scrolling past adverts and a generally slow loading time that ends up glitching forcing you to go through the whole process again when the site crashes.


It’s that whole company. Reach. They do Mirror, Express, OK etc. I used to work for them, but on the print side rather than online side, but I know the digital teams there get complaints regularly. I even know someone who quit her job as an online reporter there purely because she hated the constant pop ups, she felt they tarnished her work. Which is true I guess. The stories are too hard to read, so I never bother and I’m obviously not alone. But the company only care about the clicks.


Surely you’d prefer to keep people on your website once you’ve lured them in with the clickbait.


If you have an iPhone press show reader and it usually turns it readable

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The Independent has entered the chat



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him controlling or taking advantage of his position over young people.

Something rotten was going on in the Schofield when he was going up

Gordon the Gopher? Not been seen for years.

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