The randomly nothing thread

Go to Vienna and and Salzburg you won’t be disappointed, obviously I’m biased as they’re steeped in the history of Beethoven and Mozart but they are beautiful cities on their own merits.

Another bias on my part would be Sicily.

I’ve never been to Norway or Sweden so maybe somewhere there would be attractive to me

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Women this morning picked Berlin.

I’ll put that on my list also :joy: as all the presenters on capital where saying its a great city when she picked it

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Munich is amazing from a historical standpoint, that would be my choice.

For all you grammarians:


It is indeed the greatest word in the English language, every single nationality knows the word fuck

Thanks for all the nice words and things guys. From the other side, I had my nan’s funeral today (or yesterday now) and the eulogy was good. I was even told I was funny. And as @Midfield_Maestro likes to pretend, I’m apparently not funny. But yeah, my anecdotes were very well written and very funny! So there.

Spent the afternoon getting drunk with my many cousins on my nan’s funeral tab. And then ended the evening back at Country2Country festival in London watching Thomas Rhett and Niall from One Direction.

Thomas Rhett being a guy my Nan once said about “if I was 50 years younger I would!”

I feel calm now though. Ready to sleep and then smash the rest of the country music festival as my Nan would have liked.


From my own experience and it hasn’t bombed yet but when I’ve been to an Irish funeral the old joke about what’s the difference between an Irish funeral and an Irish wedding always gets a laugh

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@shamrockgooner I seem to recall some time ago there was a discussion about the great Irish sickness remedy of flat 7up and dry toast, so for another bit of Irish growing up trivia on a great day, are you still scared of the wooden spoon?

Love this! .:joy::clap:


Nope. more about grand slams these days. :sunglasses:


The fuck are these?

£2,000 they’re selling for :no_mouth:


I thought the teletubbies got the boot years ago


Busted and Hanson :heart_eyes:

What a year, Busted in September and S Club 7 in October. Just need N*Sync to give it another whirl and we’re all set.

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Man Millennials must be the most nostalgia hungry generation ever lol

Just saw they’re releasing a Power Rangers movie with the original cast from the 90s :joy:

Busted had numerous bangers tbf.

Would be a great show